Trucker Services:
Saving Money on Truck Driver Services

Trucking services, also known as vehicle services, are for trucks.

Trucker services, also known as driver services, are for truckers.

Big truck at twilight.

What driver services do professional truck drivers need, want and use?

One of the pages under this section deals with how your actions -- or the lack thereof -- as a professional truck driver can affect your personal auto insurance rates.

Find out the reason why and what you can do about it.

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We provide current trucking news and and links to our favorite trucking industry news websites.

Over time, we'll explore some other services available, including these:

We cover telecommunications and telephone services separately.

A guest column addressed the permissions on the DAT Trucker App.

If you're planning to keep a home and yet be away for long periods of time, we provide some thoughts about protecting yourself while engaging someone to do house sitting.

Some of the services that professional drivers use can be used by anyone, such as truckstop fax services. Other services are specialized for commercial drivers.

The availability of services for truckers is comprehensively summarized in the National Truck Stop Directory.

It has a comprehensive overview of all truckstops in the USA. When we drove OTR or regionally, we referred to our copy of this publication often.

Other Items We List Under Trucker Services
(possibly because they may not fit anywhere else on our site)

We share information about decorating your truck for Christmas or with a truck teeth bug screen or lug nut covers.

We discuss why it is a good idea to have a legal services plan, such as for times when you get framed for a ticket for failure to obey directions of a police officer.

We address the costs associated with staging a trucker protest, saving money on Internet on the road and the potential problems associated with geotagging your location on social media for all the world to see.

If you're in the habit of backing up your laptop files on USB flash drives, you may or may not be aware that they can be damaged; we address possible repairs. Also, we address truckers software, the cost of upgrades and alternatives.

We asked if truck stop parking wars would erupt from one chain's reserved parking "service."

Money saving tip

Money saving tip: Just because you drive a "big rig" does not mean you should have to pay "big bucks" for products or services. We encourage you to evaluate your choices and be a wise steward.

For example, assuming that you wear shoes that require a polish from time to time, how much money could you save by polishing your own shoes instead of having someone else do it for you?

You may use the form below to submit a tip, idea, opinion, review, or question on this subject.

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