Maximize Truck Fuel Economy for Your Commercial Motor Vehicle

All thrifty professional drivers and trucking companies aspire to maximize truck fuel economy on the commercial motor vehicles they drive or manage.

Maximize Truck Fuel Economy for Your Commercial Motor Vehicle. Professional truck driver Mike Simons enters info in the pump at a truck stop in preparation for putting fuel in the truck he drives.On this page, we will list (and continually update) the ways to eke out as many miles per gallon of diesel used as possible.

Of course, there are some things to do and things not to do as part of good truck operations.

Things to Do to Maximize Your Truck Fuel Economy

Things Not to Do to Maximize Your Truck Fuel Economy

Things to Watch to See if They Influence Truck Fuel Economy

According to a July 5, 2012 article on, there are five easy ways to reduce fuel consumption. They are:

  1. Progressive shifting

  2. Idle reduction

  3. Road speed and following distance

  4. Preserve momentum

  5. Cruise control on hills

Regarding use of a truck cruise control on hills, another July 2012 article on cited a lease owner-operator who learned as part of his overall strategy not to use the device in order to help maximize his truck fuel economy.

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: While using one or two of these tips is good, combining as many as is practical will help you maximize your truck fuel economy.

According to Joe Rajkovacz, Director of Regulatory Affairs for OOIDA, driver training "is responsible for 35 percent of fuel economy and ... costs far less than any new technology..." (August 2011, Land Line Magazine(2)).

Monitor your health in both hot and cold weather.

Make sure that you're not sacrificing getting adequate restorative sleep for the sake of saving fuel.

Review options available to you under the idling section of our site.

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