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Restaurant Review TA New Hampshire Greenland

This "Restaurant Review TA New Hampshire Greenland" is a review of the Buckhorn restaurant at the TA (TravelCenters of America) in Greenland, NH, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a restaurant that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like -- as well as our own preferences in foodstuffs. This facility is also known as the Greenland Travel Center.

Restaurant Review TA New Hampshire Greenland

Date: 6/13/2010

Location: TA Stopping Center, Greenland, NH, I-95, exit 3 northbound; exit 3B southbound

Overall facility: Restaurant Review TA New Hampshire Greenland

  • The buffet is on the four sides of a single rectangle with a hot bar on one long side, the salad and fruit bar on the other long side, and soups on one short side.
  • Diners may order from the menu.

Pros: Restaurant Review TA New Hampshire Greenland

  • There was plenty of just about everything on the bars when we came through.
  • Mike ate the meatloaf, pork loin, cornbread stuffing, cream of broccoli soup, salad and fruit for his first helping. For his second helping, he had barbeque chicken and mashed potatoes, a few bites of which he shared with Vicki.
  • Vicki ate the meatloaf, pork loin, green beans, cooked carrots, corn, cauliflower, salad and fruit. She had a few bites of the barbequed chicken and mashed potatoes from Mike's plate.
  • Our waitress, Shelby, was friendly. Mike asked for extra napkins during his initial drink order and Shelby provided them.
  • All of the meats were well seasoned.
  • The green beans, carrots and corn were hot and firm, definitely not overcooked.
  • The mashed potatoes were creamy and well seasoned.
  • The fruit -- watermelon, honeydew and strawberries -- were exceptionally sweet and delicious!

Cons: Restaurant Review TA New Hampshire Greenland

  • Vicki declared that none of the hot vegetables she had -- except the mashed potatoes -- were seasoned at all.
  • The cauliflower was overcooked.
  • The cream of mushroom soup was thin. While Vicki would have ordinarily gotten cream of mushroom soup, she skipped it because it was so thin.
  • There was no chocolate anything on the bar. In fact, there was only one dessert on the bars, and that was hot.
  • There was no cottage cheese on the salad bar.
  • We felt that our used plates could have been taken away more quickly (especially since there weren't many patrons in the restaurant at the time we arrived and weren't many more patrons there when we left).
  • Our drink glasses were never refilled during our meal.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this restaurant at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): B-

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