Restaurant Review North 40 Tennessee Holladay

This "Restaurant Review North 40 Tennessee Holladay" is a review of the restaurant at the North 40 Truck Stop in Holladay, TN, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a restaurant that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like -- as well as our own preferences in foodstuffs.

Restaurant Review

Date: 5/19/2010

Location: North 40 Truck Stop, Holladay, TN, I-40, exit 126

Overall facility:

  • This restaurant has plenty of seating in various places around the buffet.
  • Diners are greeted with a sign telling what food items are featured that day.
  • A buffet contained a salad bar with soups, hot bar with meats and vegetables, and desserts (including a self-serve ice cream machine).
  • Advertisements on the tables featured a number of "basket" combination meals for a lower price.

Written menu of entrees and hot vegetables at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant. Staff at North 40 Truck Stop refilling the hot bar on the buffet.

Pros: "Restaurant Review North 40 Tennessee Holladay"

  • There was an adequate quantity of food on the salad bar, hot bar and dessert table when we came through.
  • The entrees included fried chicken, chicken tenders, "kraut & weiners" (sauerkraut with hotdogs) and ribs.
  • The hot vegetables included mashed potatoes, green beans, fried okra, black eyed peas, turnip greens, corn and stewed tomatoes.
  • There were a variety of desserts, both chocolate and non-chocolate. Mike had the bread dressing and vanilla ice cream. Vicki had the chocolate cake. Then when she saw that one customer was serving himself some mixed vanilla and chocolate ice cream, she got some of the chocolate ice cream. There was also peach cobbler, banana cream pudding and white cake.
  • The salad bar had some of the usual items: iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, and diced boiled egg. There were other types of salads, like tuna salad, pasta salad and potato salad. There were numerous salad dressings available and some toppings (including sunflower kernels, which we like).
  • Upon placing our order, we were asked if we wanted rolls or cornbread. When the cornbread muffins we ordered came, they were in a basket with little containers of butter-like spread.
  • The wait staff was outstanding. Two ladies continually checked on us: Ashley, our waitress, and Cathy, the "beverage steward." Between the two of them, our glasses never got empty and our empty plates and bowls were whisked away quickly. The entire staff was friendly, out-going, and very attentive to diners.

Vicki's selection of foods at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.

Vicki's dinner at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.
Chocoate cake with icing from dessert bar at North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.Chocoate ice cream from self-serve ice cream machine at North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.

Mike's selection of foods at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.

Mike's first two plates of food from the buffet at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.
Food gathered during Mike's second trip to the hot bar buffet at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.
Bread pudding and vanilla ice cream from the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.

Cons: "Restaurant Review North 40 Tennessee Holladay"

  • We both requested lemon with our drinks; when they arrived, there were two slices on Mike's glass and none on Vicki's. (This was easily remedied.)
  • Mike said the sweet tea was good but could have been sweeter.
  • There was no cottage cheese on the salad bar.
  • Vicki found one teeny little bit of iceberg lettuce that was past its prime.
  • Mike had to request extra napkins and straws.
  • As we ate a very late lunch, we noted that the level of some entrees was down. We suspect that they were clearing out lunch items and getting ready for supper items.

Keep on Truckin! sign at the North 40 Truck Stop restaurant.

Note: This was a very pleasant eating experience for us.

Overall grade for this restaurant at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): A

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