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We are honored that you are considering requesting permission to use material on our website, which means that you consider our content as worthy of being reprinted in your media source. We have taken great pains to provide original material regarding money saving tips for professional truck drivers.

Since January 2009, it has been and continues to be our objective to provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

The content on this website is copyrighted by NKBJ InfoNet LLC. We take seriously the use of our material in other media sources. Furthermore, as a protection for both us and you, we have made the process of requesting permission to use our material as reasonably detailed and all-inclusive as possible.

If you desire to reprint from more than one page from our site, you must submit a request for permission to use each one separately.

This Permission to Use Policy grants specific and limited permission to reprint text or images or both from our articles in any website, email newsletter, hardcopy newsletter, print magazine, print newspaper, e-book, print book, video, movie, or other media under the conditions outlined below, which we view as professional courtesy.

Before reprinting our material, you must agree with our conditions, complete the form below and wait to hear back from us with approval of your request. By filling in the form below with as much detail as possible, you help us streamline the process of approving your request.

Conditions for Permission to Use Material on

  1. Regarding text reprints, our website URL -- -- must be conspicuously credited, preferably in the same font face and size as the rest of the text.

  2. Attribution of images reprinted apart from a reprint of our text must read: "Courtesy of".

  3. If text and at least one image are reprinted together, only one URL need appear for both.

  4. If your media source is in digital format, the link to our site must be clickable.

  5. If you prefer a longer biographical blurb, you are free to use the following:
    Through, Vicki Simons and her husband Mike provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road. They have developed their unique website as a place to share the tips they have learned through the years and where other professional drivers can do the same. For more information, visit

  6. The text must be reprinted verbatim (word for word). No alteration or editing is allowed. You may choose to reprint all or part of an article; if you choose to reprint only part of an article, you will be asked to submit through the form below the exact part you want to reprint.

  7. As some images on this site have been obtained from the public domain, we cannot grant permission to use any but our own. Please list in the form below any specific image URLs you wish to reprint.

  8. Images may not be resized or altered in any way. If you need to have one or more images in a different size than appear on our website, you may request the exact number of pixels (in both width and height) you prefer in the Comments section at the bottom of the form. Depending on the dimensions you prefer and the size of the original photograph, we may or may not be able to assist you with image resizing. All images will be in either .jpg or .gif formats.

  9. None of our images may be connected to paid advertising on another website.

  10. Except for those publications that are available on a subscription-only or for-sale basis, no one may charge above and beyond that for any of our content, whether text or image.

  11. NKBJ InfoNet LLC retains all ownership, rights and copyrights to all original text and images on our site. Quoted text remains the property of the entities from whom it was quoted.

  12. While we believe that most requests for permission to use our material will be good and positive for both us and the requester, we reserve the right to deny requests for any reason we see fit. We further reserve the right to revoke reprint rights without notice in any specific case if we feel that the reprint courtesy has been abused.

  13. While we welcome the free exchange of ideas and celebrate freedom of speech, we require the respectful use of our content, meaning that it may not be used in a belittling, insulting or ridiculing manner.

  14. If content you wish to re-print has been submitted by another author/entity (such as may be the case when someone provides a post or comment on our site), we may need to obtain permission from the submitter prior to granting permission to use.

  15. We request being able to inspect the reprint (text, images and link) in proof form prior to publication in any non-changeable media source to insure accuracy before publication.

  16. We request to receive a courtesy copy of any hardcopy publication in which our article appears. If we approve your request to reprint our material in such a publication, we will at that time send our mailing address.

If you are agreeable to our Conditions for Permission to Use our material as outlined above, please submit your request through the form below. We look forward to receiving your request.

Permission to Use Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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