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Owner-Operator Taxes 101: Common Deductions

by Sarah Schimpff
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Owner-Operator Taxes 101: Common Deductions

Did you know that the trucking profession offers tax deductions for common business expenses? In this edition of Apex Capital's Taxes 101 series, we are sharing some information from the Taxes for Owner-Operators seminar given at the Great American Trucking Show by Kelly Phillips, CPA from Bell & Company, P.A. In this blog post, we share her list of some common trucking company expenses that can be deducted and why.

What trucking expenses can be deducted?

Safety Gear
Truck Repairs
Business Subscriptions
Medical Exams
Drug Tests
Bank Charges & Credit Card FeesTaxes 101 for Owner Operators
Business Cell Phones
ComData® Fees
Faxing or Copying Business Documents
Interest on Your Truck Payment
Office Supplies
Equipment for Your Truck
Truck Washes
Toll Fees

According to the IRS, if an expense is Ordinary and Necessary to conducting your trucking business, an expense is usually deductible. When deducting these expenses, it’s important to keep receipts. Many of these expenses may show up on your settlement statements, so be sure to keep them in a binder for recording into a bookkeeping program. Gather your receipts monthly, quarterly, or whenever you get home. The most important thing is to find a system that works best for you. If you don’t have a receipt, be sure to record the expense in your log-book. If your drivers find it difficult to keep receipts, you can use a credit card statement as substantiated information. Just be sure to make notes about the transaction.

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What to do with all this paper!?

Now that you have cataloged your receipts, be sure to keep them for at least 5 years. If you worry about clutter or too many records, another option is to scan them via your cell phone or scanner to save space.

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