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Never pay someone for a truck driving job

by Lynn

My husband and I found this out the hard way. He responded to an ad in the paper for a local driving job. It was placed by a firm that places ads for lots of companies looking for employees. In order to see the details of the job, he had to pay them what seemed like an outrageous amount of money when we didn't have it to begin with! Not only that, but even though the ad promised certain aspects of the job, they didn't materialize!

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Lynn,

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with following a lead for a truck driving job in the newspaper. Some recruiting firms may even go so far as to offer a "money back guarantee" on the accuracy of their ads. So, if the incident is not too old and the firm that placed the lead made such a guarantee, you may want to press for getting your money back.

Newspapers aren't the only place that professional truck drivers, student drivers or prospective drivers can be lured into a trap. The Internet seems full of lures. Watch out for ads promising the seemingly impossible.

We posted an article on our site about how some prospective truck drivers can be exploited by trucking companies with company-paid CDL training programs.

We are doing our best to warn drivers not to fall in traps that can be both time-consuming and draining on the wallet. If you know of a way that we can do this better, please let us know.

If I may encourage you, please don't let this temporary setback get the best of you. There are reputable companies out there. I recommend that you use the power of the Internet to learn of truck driving jobs in your local area. Research the trucking companies offering these jobs. Determine which companies offer the kind of job you want driving the kind of truck you want and go from there.

When the time comes that you and/or your husband get on the road, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons

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