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Murphy Plywood 5/10/16 - load not available till 5/11/16 PM

by Andrew D. Evans
(Sutherlin, OR)

Your name (first and last preferred) or initials:

Your trucking company's name:

Shipper's name and location:

Date and time load assigned:

Pick-up appointment date and time at shipper:

Transit time required to arrive at shipper:

Arrived at shipper date and time:

Loaded at shipper date and time:

Total wait time at shipper (hh:mm):

Delivery appointment date and time at receiver:

Transit time required to arrive at receiver:

Arrived at receiver date and time:

Unloaded at receiver date and time:

Total wait time at receiver (hh:mm):

Hours must wait before wait time pay starts:

Per-hour wait time pay:

Total amount wait time pay owed (hours x $/hour):

Actual amount wait time paid (hours x $/hour):

Response from Vicki:

Hello, Andrew,

Thank you for letting us know about a load not being ready to pick up. However, it would have been much more helpful if you had provided the wait time detail we requested as listed on our Wait Time page.

We have requested that drivers:
Fill in your info for each documentation point after the ending colon (:), and

Submit your email address in the notification block when you're prompted to do so.

Even so, we're glad that you saw fit to visit our site and let us know about this situation.

Mike and I wish you save travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons


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