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MATS Exhibitor Trucker's Weight Loss Challenge to Give Away These Freebies and Discounts to Truckers

Truckers can get freebies and discounts from MATS exhibitor Trucker's Weight Loss Challenge at the 2013 Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The following information has been submitted to us through the form on our site to let us know what Trucker's Weight Loss Challenge is giving away to professional truck drivers.

First Name: Dan and Stacey
Last Name: Martin
Web Site URL:
Company Name: Trucker's Weight Loss Challenge
Each Freebie or Discount you're giving away, and its value: Giving away handmade afghans (blankets) every hour every day of the show.  To participate in the drawing you must submit a questionaire form.  If you purchase any products at the booth, you will be automatically entered 5 times for the drawing.  The afghans range in approx. value of $150 to $300.  All are handmade by Stacey Martin (who is professional driver as well).
Conditions to enter for Freebies and Discounts: Must fill out questionaire.  We are gathering data on professional drivers and need questionaires answered honestly and completely.
How to register for Freebies and Discounts: Fill out questionaire at booth by Green box.
Date and time Freebies and Discounts will be given away: Every day, every hour!
Your Booth Number at MATS: 67032
Your Booth's Location at MATS (wing or other designation): Recruiting and Health and Wellness Wing
If applicable, how your company helps professional truck drivers save money: We help drivers save money by giving them an easy product to use that is cost affective.  It stabilzes blood sugars, lowers LDL, raises HDL, promotes weight loss and other benefits.  We have helped people get off expensive medications and feel more energetic with overall better health.  The product is simple, does NOT require special equipment or specialized foods.  We have a 90-money back guarantee as well.
Any additional info: We have specailized programs and products for diabetics.  We also have an additional customized program to promote weight loss that is similar to the "biggest loser" with the exception of going to the ranch.  The program is 13 weeks and comes with your own personal trainer and nutritionalist.  This program is designed for the person that is serious about kick-starting their weight loss commitment.

Thanks, Dan and Stacey, for listing your MATS exhibitor Trucker's Weight Loss Challenge freebies and discounts for truckers!

Are you a professional truck driver who attended a trucking show and purchased a product or service as a result? We welcome your product or service review. You can even earn money in so doing.

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