MATS Exhibitor SleeperLock LLC to Give Away
These Freebies and Discounts to Truckers

Truckers can get freebies and discounts from MATS exhibitor SleeperLock LLC at the 2012 Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The following information has been submitted to us through the form on our site to let us know what SleeperLock is giving away to professional truck drivers.

First Name Ken
Last Name Ratner
Web Site URL (no longer online as of December 2015)
Company Name SleeperLock LLC
Each Freebie or Discount you're giving away, and its value Regular Price of SLeeperLock is $49.95.

Show Specials: $40.00 cash, $44.00 credit cards.
Conditions to enter for Freebies and Discounts Purchase a SleeperLock at the show or Give an Order and Pay for it within 10 days of the show.
How to register for Freebies and Discounts Come to the booth - we will be selling SleeperLock units off the rack and taking orders for shipments.
Date and time Freebies and Discounts will be given away During the entire show.
Your Booth Number at MATS 61089
Your Booth's Location at MATS (wing or other designation) West Wing - Aisle 61000
If applicable, how your company helps professional truck drivers save money If a cab is locked down so no one can get in while the trucker is inside, truckers will not get robbed.
Any additional info If truckers can rest assured no one can get into their cab while they sleep, they will sleep better. If they sleep better, they will be healthier. If they are healthier, they will save money on medicine!

Are you a professional truck driver who attended a trucking show and purchased a product or service as a result? We welcome your product or service review. You can even earn money in so doing.

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Professional truck drivers, please take advantage of the freebies and discounts being offered to you at the Mid America Trucking Show.

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