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A Load Board Overcomes the 'No Freight' Layover Problem

When a trucker is told there is 'no freight', can a load board make a difference?

What does a trucker do when he/she is told there is 'no freight'?On this page (and video), learn why even company truck drivers should know about lists of loads and the differences between them.

The Problem

When Mike was driving for one carrier based in Greensboro, NC, there were two, maybe three, times that he was scheduled to deliver a load in Daytona Beach, Florida, on a Monday morning.

After his trailer was unloaded, Mike made himself available to pick up another load.

The reason is simple: if a trucker who is paid by the mile doesn't stay "loaded and rolling," he or she isn't earning any money.

The word came back from his driver manager that there was "no freight."

Watch the video to learn what happened.

And what Mike would do differently if he was ever in the same situation again...

Recommendation: A Paid Load Board

Yes, there are free boards with loads out there, but you will most likely find higher paying loads with a paid service.

As you may know, when you get something for nothing, very often you get what you pay for!

A load you learned about for free may pay better than layover pay, but compare for yourself the difference in respect and pay between loads and customers on free versus paid boards.

With just one load from a paid board of loads, you may be able to pay for the entire monthly cost of the service. is proud to have partnered with DAT to offer our clients a special on the TruckersEdge service. is proud to have partnered with DAT to offer our clients a special on the TruckersEdge service.

TruckersEdge leads the industry and boasts over 250,000 fresh loads posted daily. It provides the best price and value you can find.

New subscribers get the first 30 Days FREE!

Learn the difference between the features and costs of the Standard and Enhanced packages. (Note: The Enhanced package is the best value.)

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: If you're a company driver whose Hours of Service are not being utilized as well as you would like, talk with your driver manager to see what can be done about it.

If you have your computer with you on the road and you find an online load list with freight nearby, you can cite which list you accessed and ask why your trucking company doesn't have that freight in their system.

If you're finding yourself being told there is "no freight" too often and the explanations given do not satisfy you, perhaps it is time to review the list of questions to ask recruiters with a view toward finding a company that can increase your utilization.

Owner-operators may work for a company that ether finds loads for them or lets them find their own loads.

Because you're paying for the operation of your truck, you should never be without freight to haul if you want to haul it.

Be aware that hauling freight in some areas of the country may pay better than hauling freight in other areas.

Also, different kinds of freight may pay better than others.

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