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Leaning Freight

A conversation about leaning freight occurred on Twitter between @MonMisfit and @TruckersSavings as a result of publishing the pallet wrap page.

Leaning freight in the back of a truck.Please note that not every response appears directly under the tweet that it was sent as a response to.

The photo on this page is from Monongahela Misfit on Twitter.(1)

The conversation below has been edited to remove time/date stamp and extraneous name info.

---- Twitter conversation ----

Mike & Vicki Simons @TruckersSavings

When Pallet Wrap Fails to Keep Palletized Freight Upright: What happens when truckers who haul dry vans contai... 10:04 PM - 9 Jul 13 (GMT-05:00)

@TruckersSavings Picked this one up tonight. This is how they Loaded it! Heavy Boxes On Top! Why? #LowDenominator

@MonMisfit Wow! Did receiver accept the load that way? Were you in any way held responsible for it? May we use photo and credit you? Tks.

@TruckersSavings Load accepted, as this is apparently normal from that shipper. Yes You may use. Drivers must NOT be held liable ever...

@TruckersSavings Cont, unless there was a collision. Our highways are not Flat, or Straight. If they don't want to secure their freight...

@TruckersSavings Cont, They can pay to have it picked up off the Floor. Wrap is Cheaper by far! If You think they need more, SAY SO!

@MonMisfit Mike was held liable: had to restack the leaning or fallen freight: . Thanks for permission. Be safe.

@TruckersSavings I have been asked to restack Cases of MotorOil several times. Each time, I've taken pics, and documented situation.

@MonMisfit Don't know who paid for Mike's restacking time. Will request for more pallet wrap be honored? Have to catch before loading.

@TruckersSavings I always explain that I am NOT liable for fallen freight, but I will HELP their employees Re-palletize it.

@TruckersSavings Keep in mind that when You're the Company Rep as a Driver, that is MGR level responsibility. You aren't above work...

@MonMisfit Cases of motor oil can't be light. Heavy manual labor to restack? Were you paid for your time? At what rate? Thanks.

@MonMisfit So in these cases, you required the receiver's people to help restack the freight? Does that work well? Why doesn't shipper fix?

@TruckersSavings but Drivers must not dress or act like subservient peons ever!

@TruckersSavings Most cases of oil are between 50 and 60 pounds. There is no compensation for re-stacking.

@TruckersSavings Most times, if I determine the load is not secure, I will say something and document it regardless of response.

@MonMisfit Ouch! At least Mike was paid for his time to restack the freight that leaned and fell in the situation described. Thanks.

@MonMisfit Documentation (especially with photos) is very important for truckers. One pic worth 1K words. Must protect yourself. Thanks.

@TruckersSavings It works well because I'm polite, but firm. Most shippers, trying to save pennies on packaging, Spend Dollars Replacing!

@TruckersSavings Coca-Cola and Pepsico are great transgressors in failure to package bottles securely. I don't know if they've learned yet!

@MonMisfit Hmm... One wonders if they claim this somehow as a loss on taxes or on load insurance. A stitch in time saves nine. Thanks.



Note: This article -- which was originally written and published on July 10, 2013, by Vicki Simons -- was updated slightly in 2018.

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1. (no longer online)

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