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Heater Meals: Reviews from Professional Truck Drivers

Many truck stop travel stores sell foodstuffs, some of which sell "Heater Meals" or "HeaterMeals".

Seeking reviews from a wide range of truckersThe products use "TRUETECH Self-Heating Technology" (chemically generated heat) to raise the temperature of an 8 ounce food pouch at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit without a flame or electricity.

This preparation method would certainly allow professional truck drivers who do not have other meal preparation methods -- such as 12-volt powered appliances or household appliances powered via inverter -- to eat hot meals on the road.

We are seeking reviews from professional truck drivers about these meals.

Photo of Heater Meals sold in a truck stop.A display of Heater Meals on a shelf at a truck stop.

Another photo of Heater Meals sold in a truck stop.Another view of a display of Heater Meals for sale at a truck stop.

Photo of Heater Meals sold in a truck stop.The brand carries a variety of entrees. The ones we have found at truck stops are pictured on this page.

We have also provided close-up views.

HeaterMeals: Zesty BBQ Sauce & Potatoes with BeefHeaterMeals: Zesty BBQ Sauce & Potatoes with Beef

HeaterMeals: Homestyle Chicken & Noodles in GravyHeaterMeals: Homestyle Chicken & Noodles in Gravy

HeaterMeals: Chicken Pasta ItalianaHeaterMeals: Chicken Pasta Italiana

HeaterMeals: Green Pepper Steak with RiceHeaterMeals: Green Pepper Steak with Rice

The last time we checked, most (if not all) of these products we have seen for sale at truck stops were priced at $5.99 each.

They can be less expensive than some truck stop buffets (lunch and dinner, specifically).

Disclaimer: As of the publication of this page (late August 2010), we have never eaten one of these products.

If you are a professional truck driver and you have eaten one or more HeaterMeals, we invite you to review the product on this page through the form below, answering questions such as these:

  • Which flavor of Heater Meals did you eat and how much did you pay for it?
  • What are the top 3 reasons why you bought and ate one?
  • Did you eat the product as a regular meal or in an emergency?
  • How would you rate the quality and taste of the product?
  • Do you think the product was worth the price you paid for it?
  • How did this product save you money?
  • Would you buy this product again and why?

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