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GATS Exhibitor Make Your Feet Smile to Give Away These Freebies and Discounts to Truckers

Truckers can get freebies and discounts from GATS exhibitor Make Your Feet Smile at the 2012 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas.

The following information has been submitted to us through the form on our site to let us know what Make Your Feet Smile is giving away to professional truck drivers.

First Name James
Last Name Harrison
Web Site URL
Company Name Make Your Feet Smile
Each Freebie or Discount you're giving away, and its value We are offering a 30% discount off the Regular Retail Price of each pair of AquaSoles, Liquid Orthotic Massaging Insoles, which brings the price to $35.00 and we are paying the sales tax!  In Addition we are continuing the BOGO free pair of insoles for every pair purchased at the Great American Truck Show. (You just pay the shipping and handling of the second pair of $7.95)
Conditions to enter for Freebies and Discounts Just come by our booth and try on a pair of the most amazing insoles to ever hit the market; if you decide to purchase a pair we automatically discount the price and give complete instructions as to how to register for the 3 year warranty and get your free pair of insoles. For those people who cannot make it to the show, we can offer the same discount if contacted by email or phone and mentioning you saw us at the G.A.T.S . or heard about us through the Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips website
How to register for Freebies and Discounts Come by booth 10039 and try on a Pair of Massaging Insoles to see how they work for you, we also have Gift Certificates for those who may wish to purchase a pair for a friend, co-worker or loved one but are unsure of the sizing
Date and time Freebies and Discounts will be given away All Discounts will be available through the entire show
Your Booth Number at GATS 10039
Your Booth's Location at GATS (hall or other designation) Hall E
If applicable, how your company helps professional truck drivers save money When your feet hurt everything hurts and it's hard to be at your best no matter what your job is. By having an insole which improves circulation and improves your foot comfort and helps alleviate your foot, back, hip and leg pain you can become more productive and being more productive gets the job done faster with less effort.  By utilizing the Buy One Get One Free Offer, from AquaSoles Home Office you can really stretch your dollars spent.
Any additional info We also offer Special Corporate Purchase plans to those who wish to purchase multiple pairs of Insoles for a larger group of people at even bigger discounts. Just ask someone in the booth for a brochure or tell your boss to come by and see us.

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