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Fuel Island Review: Love's Pennsylvania Carlisle

by Tony Milton

This is a fuel island review for the Love's truck stop in Carlisle, PA. Fuel island review Love's Pennsylvania Carlisle.

Professional truck drivers are encouraged to submit truck stop reviews -- including fuel island reviews through our site.

My Nametony milton
Country where I drive professionally most of the timeusa
I am a/anCompany Driver
Name and location of the truck stop fuel island that I'm reviewing. (Minimum: city and state. Prefer addition of: road name and exit number.)Loves/carlisle pa/ i-76 exit 226 /1165 harrisburg pike
Date I used the fuel island at this truck stop (month, day, year)09-19-2016
How did I come to fuel at this location? (Check all that apply.)This facilty was recommended by another driver
How did I pay for my fuel?Credit
How long was my wait to get fuel?11-20 minutes
My fuel bay number (if known)19
How clean was the bay where I got fuel (as in no fuel, oil or trash on ground)?4 - Very good
What was the level of trash in the trash barrels?3 - Average or OK
How well did the fuel pump work so that it delivered fuel in a timely manner?5 - Excellent - very rapid fuel delivery
How well did the card reader and keypad work in my bay?4 - Very good
Did the transaction require NO additional action from me inside the facility?5 - Excellent - no additional action was needed
Were sufficient paper towels in or near my bay for checking oil or for cleaning?4 - Very good
Was soapy water for windshield washing present, sufficiently clean and having enough soap in it for cutting grease, bug guts and road salt?4 - Very good
In my bay, was there a long-handled squeegee for cleaning my truck windsihield and what condition was it in?5 - Excellent - present and in excellent condition
Was a water spigot WITH an attached hose in or near my bay so that I could rinse my truck's windshield?5 - Excellent - both present and worked perfectly
Was there an air pressure hose with commercial truck tire pressure available on at least every other bay?3 - Average or OK
Were the bays with ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) well marked?5 - Excellent - extremely well marked
If I had to go inside, what was the friendliness and courtesy of the faculty staff, combined with wait time?5 - Excellent - staff was very friendly and no wait time
Was there anything else noteworthy about my fuel island experience?The tire care center at this location was very Profesional and really quick I first stopped at the petro and was tolled 6 hr wait went over to the loves after speaking with a driver they got me right in and done within 45 mins
Additional commentsI always used Petros but after a long conversation with the shop manager who was well versed in there fuel procedures I'm gonna use loves as my primary stop mainly because how well they maintain there equip and how they test there fuel
Average of all numbers from the 12 fields above.4.33
Although my numbers will be averaged, this is how I grade this fuel island facility and my fueling experience (A+ is the best; F- is the worst)B+
Would I recommend this fueling facility to other professonal truck drivers?Yes, absolutely

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