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Free Truck Parking for Truckers at Shippers and Receivers

It started with a tweet. We responded. In essence, where is free truck parking available on shippers' and receivers' properties where professional truck drivers may take their 10-hour breaks?

Free Truck ParkingThat's what we wanted to know.

Then we thought, why not provide such a list ourselves?

Because there are lots of locations where we've never been and are not likely to go, we're asking you to tell us which customers have been kind enough to provide space so that you can fulfill your Hours of Service (HOS) requirements for 10 hours in the sleeper berth.

Parking for Any Driver Any Time? No!

We must make a distinction: we are not requesting that drivers report locations so that they will suddenly become mini truck stops for any driver to park overnight or for a rest break. No.

If a driver comes onto a shipper's or receiver's property, it should be only in connection with the load that he/she is currently under

  • before pick-up/delivery,
  • while being loaded/unloaded, or
  • after pick-up/delivery.

Please report through the form below each location of a shipper's or receiver's property where professional truck drivers can obtain truck parking for free so as to take an HOS break.

We'll give credit to the first person to report each location unless an update is required. The list appears below the form.

Disclaimer: For purposes of this page, free truck parking is different from being forced to spend wait time in a dock while loading or unloading.

What we mean here is a separate location away from the docks where drivers can sleep to fulfill their HOS requirements for a 10-hour sleeper berth break.

Submissions through the form on this page are subject to verification and being updated.

While we strive to provide accurate data at all times, situations sometimes change.

Therefore, to safeguard yourself, please ask (do not assume) that you may park for free on a shipper's or receiver's property.

If You're Offered Truck Parking for Free, Be a Good Guest

If free parking is made available for your rig on a shipper's or receiver's property, all care should be taken to make sure that the hospitality is not withdrawn.

Remember, shippers and receivers are not obligated to provide it. Each professional truck driver is a guest and should act like one.

We strongly recommend that acting like a guest includes:

  • parking your bobtail or rig properly in only one spot,
  • not littering, and
  • using only your own portable toilet or a freely accessible restroom facility to take care of your elimination needs. (If the latter is used, the courteous thing to do is to clean up after yourself. In fact, drivers would do well to leave the facility just as clean -- if not cleaner -- than they found it.)

Shippers' and Receivers' Bragging Rights?

If you represent a shipper or receiver and you have a place on your property where truckers can park for free -- that meets the aforementioned criteria -- you now have the opportunity to showcase your company and property as trucker-friendly.

We sure do appreciate your commitment to providing a quiet place on your property where drivers can sleep and think that you should be rewarded with a bit of free publicity here.

In fact, we hope that this feature of our site starts a new trend among shippers and receivers of wanting to provide trucker-friendly facilities.

Feel free to use the form below to let us know about free truck parking on your property. Thanks in advance.

The List of Free Truck Parking Locations at Shippers and Receivers

We are ready to populate the list of free parking locations for large trucks at shippers and receivers by state within the USA and by province in Canada (both alphabetized) below.

We appreciate your helping us to help truck drivers save time and money in this way. Simply fill in the form above and submit. Thanks.

United States of America

No state or city listed: BJs Wholesale, thanks to @Break1_9 (ref)

U.S. State City (alphabetical) Free Truck Parking Location Thanks to
District of Columbia      
New Hampshire      
New Jersey      
New Mexico      
New York      
North Carolina      
North Dakota      
Rhode Island      
South Carolina      
South Dakota      
West Virginia      
Wisconsin 1. Beloit
2. Eau Claire
3. Sheboygan
1. Patch Products
2. Menard's DC
3. PigglyWiggly GroceryWhse
1. @TurkTrucking (ref)
2. @TurkTrucking (ref)
3. @TurkTrucking (ref)

Provinces of Canada

Canadian Province City (alphabetical) Free Truck Parking Location Thanks to
British Columbia      
New Brunswick      
Newfoundland and Labrador      
Nova Scotia      
Prince Edward Island      

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