Trucker Food and Recipes:
for Eating and Cooking in Your Truck

You're hungry and loading your truck will take hours. But the trucker food and recipes you have in your truck will let you enjoy eating and cooking what you want to eat, when you need to eat it while parked.

There's no waiting to get to a truck stop restaurant only to eat what someone else decides to put on the menu or a buffet. Not only will you take advantage of the time on your hands, you'll save money in the process!

We saw this scenario played out over and over again in the days when we teamed. Mike continued to see it as a solo regional driver for his trucking company when he was by himself in his truck. We have seen it together whenever Vicki has ridden with him.

Yes, the job demands that professional drivers face make it challenging to eat frugally on the road, but it's not impossible.

This page contains an overview of ideas about food and links to recipes that you can fix in your truck. It is meant to be used in tandem with our meal preparation page.

Home support team

What you fix depends upon your individual preferences, the tools at your disposal, and help from your home support team.

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Some professional drivers want simple meals with only a few ingredients while others don't mind preparing more elaborate recipes.

On this Trucker Food and Recipes page, we'll provide:

  • easy recipes and food choices on the road;
  • recipes that require only a few ingredients; and
  • where you can get loads of recipe ideas.

Since we have experience in cooking food in a truck, you can learn from our successes and failures in trying to prepare home cooked meals. Discover which combinations we thought were sensational and which were absolute flops!

We'll showcase Mike Simons, who calls himself "The Trucking Cheffy."

The Trucking Cheffy logo.

Mike loves to cook and he'll show you how to make food and recipes in your truck that are "Dee-lish [short for "delicious"] to the nth degree."

Here is a list of Breakfast foods we have prepared in a truck:

You can also cook hot cereals like oatmeal, grits and farina (commonly called Cream of Wheat) in a hot pot.

Here are Entrees we have enjoyed cooking and eating in a truck for lunch or dinner (sometimes called supper):

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Cookbook in kitchen

Need full-scale Meal ideas? Here are our favorites:

Some folks are content with making sandwiches, putting a slice or two of meat and maybe a slice of cheese between two slices of bread.

Vegetables, fruits and sides are also possible:

Besides heating up canned vegetables, we've also steamed raw vegetables like we did when we cooked our Thanksgiving dinner.

Vicki has warmed up many home canned meals in our trucks over the years. If you're pressed for time and need something commercially prepared, we have tried:

On the Beverage side, you might be interested in our recipe for hot chocolate mix, which you can add to hot water.

What about Dessert and Snacks? A delicious and low cost warm dessert is peach crisp. We provide some ideas about snacks, too.

truck drivers money saving tip icon Money saving tip: More often than not, you can buy and cook food to eat in your truck that is far less expensive than any meal you could ever hope to buy in a restaurant. Consider, for example, meals consisting of soup and salad; a grilled cheese sandwich; a steak and baked potato. Your choice of food and recipes is practically limitless!

We've found that being prepared to eat in the truck is not only good during long loading or unloading times, but also just to save money and eat healthfully. Unless your circumstances dictate otherwise, you can do the same if you really want to.

We also think it's a great idea to track how much money you're saving by eating food you prepare and eat in your truck -- if only from time to time -- compared to spending money on restaurant food. Get a copy of our Meal Savings table by requesting it through our free downloads page.

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Ideas Other Visitors Have Shared

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gander mtn. camping freeze dried food 
gander mtn. has a lot of freeze dried foods in the camping/grill area. all you need is something to fix hot water in, an old school electric coffee pot …

Pasteurized milk 
Note: Because of its content, this submission was moved from our Ask a Question page to our Food and Recipes page. ----- The shelf stored room …

Chicken Paprikash 
Chicken Paprikash This is delish....and the easiest chicken recipe ever! Mixing the paprika with the onions brings out the spice's sweetness. …

Easy 4 Ingredient Beef Stew 
This is one for even the most cooking challenged among us. Using just 4 ingredients you can make an entire crock pot full of beef stew that will fill up …

Best Pancakes 
For the best pancakes: Ingredients: 3/4 cup flour 2 tbspns baking powder 1/2 tspn salt 1 tbspn or four packets sugar mix, then add: 5/8 cup …

Philly Cheese Steak Macaroni Not rated yet
1 box of large shells 2 jars of Ragu 3 cheese sauce 1 green pepper 1 red pepper 1 large onion thin sliced steak of your choice season your steak …

Pork chops and rice Not rated yet
In crock pot, combine a cup of rice, 2 cups water, 1can cream of mushroom soup, and 2 pork chops. Sprinkle salt, pepper and Tony chacheres on top. Cook …

Meat Not rated yet
How do you freeze the meat how long can meat stay in the portable fridge ----- Response from Vicki: Hello, Thank you for asking these questions …

Beanie wienie casserole Not rated yet
Ingredients 1 4 floz can baked beans 4 bun length hot dogs sliced into pucks 0.5 tablespoon minced garlic 0.2 oz butter 4 stalks green onion chopped …

A Peachy Snack When You're In A Hurry Not rated yet
I'm always looking for something good - and fast - to eat in the middle of my drive shift, that doesn't weigh me down or make me sleepy. This has turned …

sam's cream of ramin Not rated yet
items needed for this are 1 pack ramin noodles any flavor or 2 if really hungry 1/2 can cream of mushroom soup or sub with cream of broccoli 1 bag …

Keeping Food and Drinks Colder Longer Not rated yet
One of the things I hate about traveling is constantly having to stop for ice for my cooler. I came upon this great product called the KoolerCap, which …

Abstaining from Sugar Not rated yet
The idea of abstaining from sugar -- that is, "added sugar" -- in my meals came to me in late December 2013 as a result of reading a rather sobering section …

Southwest Style Breakfast Bake Substitute Not rated yet
1 Bag of hashbrowns 1 Bag of sausage crumbles 1 Containers of Southwestern Egg Beaters(replaces milk, salsa and chilis) 1 package of shredded cheese …

Slow Cooked Steak Soup Not rated yet
Crock pots are a great time saver, here is a great crock pot soup recipe that can simmer all day and be ready when you get home, and with minimal preparation …

Egg McLindi's Not rated yet
My truck driver and I feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. He pulls a flatbed, so between chaining, tarping and strapping, he uses …

Japanese Fried Rice Not rated yet
Here's how I make Japanese Fried Rice in a rice cooker: Ingredients: * 3/4 Cup short grain rice-(if using long grain ratio water to rice 2:1) * 1 …

The secret to tangy crab salad Not rated yet
Yes, indeed, it is lemon juice that adds the tang! For every cup of mixed crab salad, add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice (not the reaLemon nastiness... …

Vehicle food cooking. Not rated yet
Cooking using the heat from a vehicle engine is not at all new. G.I.s since WWII heated their food using the engine heat. Some would make can holders from …

Salsa Chicken Not rated yet
Full of zesty flavor, this Salsa Chicken dish is easy to make. It cooks up in one skillet with just a few ingredients. Ingredients: 2 or more boneless, …

Simple Quick Shrimp Snack Not rated yet
For most of us, shrimp doesn't usually come to mind when you think of frugal food, but just because you don't feel like spending a fortune doesn't mean …

Macaroni and Chicken Salad Not rated yet
Ingredients: 2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni 2 cups cubed cooked chicken 1 large apple, cored and diced 1 cup sliced celery 1 cup seedless green …

Home Style Chicken Soup  Not rated yet
Ingredients: 1 cup cooked chicken (leftover or already cooked) 1/2 onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 2-3 carrots, sliced 1 cup celery, sliced …

Chicken Tortilla Soup Not rated yet
Ingredients: 1 can of chicken rice soup 4-5 spoons full of salsa shredded cheddar cheese tortilla chips Directions: Cook soup and salsa till warm. …

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Jake's Marinated Steak Tips Not rated yet
This Marinated Steak Tip recipe is delicious with a subtle flavor marinated throughout the steak tip. Ingredients: 1.5 - 2 pounds of sirloin, rib …

Ranch Chicken Not rated yet
This delicious Ranch Chicken Recipe requires an electric skillet and just four ingredients. The preparation method has been changed from our original recipe …

Thai Chicken Salad Grilled Not rated yet
Ingredients: 6 chicken breasts -- boned and skinned 8 cups romaine lettuce -- shredded 1 bunch green onion -- white part, - chopped 1/2 cup red …

Chicken and Wild Rice with Broccoli Not rated yet
Healthier eating is always a concern. But somehow we have come to equate healthy as bland. Not so with this dish. 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts …

Southwest Style Breakfast Bake Not rated yet
I made this on average once a week. My husband and I refrigerated the leftovers and simply reheated them in the microwave for the next few days. Breakfast …

Easy Chicken and Dumplings Not rated yet
I always make big pots of this as my husband and I eat the leftovers for lunch the next day, they seem to taste even better then! 1 Rotisserie chicken …

Crock pot Ham and Beans Not rated yet
One of my husband's favorite meals from his childhood is Ham and Beans with Cornbread. I try to humor him the best I can in the truck so the slow cooker …

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