Essential Oils for Truckers and Trucker Health

When Mike Simons was hurt on the job, could a blend of essential oils help relieve muscle soreness and tension -- and assist him to regain full mobility? (1)

Obviously, he would be out of work -- and our livelihood would be threatened -- but for how long?

The Extent of Mike's Injuries

In February 2012, Mike fell off a semi truck flatbed trailer and hurt his left shoulder and arm. At first, we thought he had a torn rotator cuff, but the results of the tests he underwent and the diagnosis of an orthopedic surgeon revealed that the Lord had protected him from that.

Even so, his injury was so bad that for over a week following his accident, he was unable to lift his left arm far enough away from his body to put on underarm deodorant by himself.

Vicki had to help him with such basic tasks as showering, putting on underarm deodorant and getting dressed. It was amazing how large a part of his body was affected by this injury.

Rotator cuff tear and surgery
By Nucleus Communications (Nucleus Communications [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Options for Easing Soreness

Mike's only options for easing his sore muscles were either natural or man-made. For a period of time, he used a prescription drug, but he wanted to get off of that as soon as possible.


We would rather not use pharmaceuticals and drugs because they are manufactured, not natural, and because they almost always have unpleasant side effects.

Our personal dislike of drugs didn't mean that we were ready to try just anything. We've been around long enough to know that there are plenty of folks hawking their wares. (Recall the old Andy Griffith episode entitled "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man.")

Readers of our website, blog and email newsletter know that we ask tough questions. Whatever litmus test we would apply when conducting a product review on our site had to apply in this situation, too. Products we're discussing on this page underwent our own test for substantiation.

Our Personal Introduction

A friend of ours gave us a sample of an essential oil blend to help relieve muscle soreness. She gave us instructions on diluting it in a "carrier oil" and applying on Mike's sore muscles. Truly, this product helped relieve Mike's soreness. We ended up ordering more.

Over a period of the next 6.5 weeks, Vicki kept applying the oil mixture to Mike, who worked step-by-step to regain full mobility. Only at that point was he able to return to driving a truck professionally. That's why we refer to him as a "healed trucker."

We consider that the use of that product was a significant part of Mike's recovery.

After that experience, we began to realize the power of other oils from plants in other ways. We know that other professional truck drivers -- as well as anyone looking for natural means to combat some of life's difficulties -- can benefit from using the "essence" of oils.

An Awakening About the U.S. Healthcare Model

Has it ever occurred to you that there is a "model" of healthcare in nations?

Think this through: If you keep rewarding a specific outcome, you will keep getting what led up to that outcome, right?

In this article from, we read:

The prevailing healthcare model in America still focused primarily on treating people after they become ill rather than on preventing them from becoming ill in the first place through nutrition and lifestyle. ... One such alternative model, and the one that makes the most sense logically speaking, is a preventive healthcare approach that focuses on boosting the body's own natural immune system through diet and lifestyle so that it does not fall ill. This strategy is not only far less expensive than trying to deal with sickness after it has already developed, but it also produces a much higher quality of life for those who adhere to it. further states:

  • "Big Pharma has worked hard over the years to get as many people as possible hooked on drugs that must essentially be taken for life" (link); and
  • "more than 20 percent of American adults that are now hooked on pharmaceuticals for conditions..." (link).

A lot of money is spent to treat "conditions" that supposedly never clear up or go away. Part of the reason for this is that some folks clearly have an ethical conflict of interest.

Many people who think they have to be on drugs for life for certain conditions could benefit from knowing how to use essential oils for health benefits. Many people who have used oils have experienced renewed health and healing.

What is an Essential Oil?

Leaves with waterEssential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from aromatic plants. These natural oils protect plants from insects, environmental conditions, and disease. If you've ever squeezed a lemon or orange peel and seen the liquid that comes out -- that's the essential oil. When grown, harvested, and distilled properly, these oils can have a wide array of uses and tremendous health benefits.(2)

Essential oils have been used throughout time dating back to 4500 BC. From perfumes and aromatherapy to cooking and medicinal purposes, these oils have been used in everyday life for centuries. In modern days, research shows that pure essential oils can provide similar benefits to humans and animals that they give to plants.(2)

Differences in Oils

There are 4 grades of essential oils: A, B, C and Floral Water. If you are going to use an oil on your body, you want to make sure that it is high quality, has no synthetics and contains no adulterating chemicals. Only Grade A oils are pure in therapeutic quality, are usually made from organically grown plants, and are distilled at the proper temperatures.

How Can Truckers Use Them?

Man with back and shoulder pain.There are three basic ways for anyone to use essential oils:

  • inhalation,
  • topical application, and
  • internal consumption.

There are dozens of oils available individually or in blends. For the responsible use of each oil, read the complete label on each bottle. Many folks have achieved better health and healing with them.

Our friends at have listed many different kinds of injuries that truckers get on the job. Some injuries are so severe that they require medical treatment and even legal intervention.

We thank God not only for His having created products in nature to assist with Mike's healing but also for the healing that Mike received.

truck drivers money saving tip icon

Money saving tip: Some essential oils claim to be "therapeutic grade" but are not Grade A. Consider the price your body will pay if you use any grade oil other than Grade A.

We encourage truckers who desire to become or stay healthy to investigate these products for themselves.

We encourage both truckers and truckers' wives to investigate the business opportunity associated with Young Living Essential Oils.

For more information about either wellness or the business opportunity, visit or order now..

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