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Best and Worst Legal Plans

by Brooke
(Dallas, TX)

What are the best and worst legal plans for truck drivers?

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Brooke,

Thanks for asking a question through our website.

I am taking the liberty of combining a response about your two questions -- this one and the one specifically about Drivers Legal Plan -- in this one page.

I'm sure you're looking for us to "name names" when it comes to the "Best and Worst Legal Plans," but the reality of this matter is that some professional truck drivers have had great success with some plans whereas other truckers have had horrible disappointments (and even financial losses) with those same plans.

One of the things about this website is that we encourage professional truck drivers to provide reviews on products and services marketed and sold to them.

We have specific pages on our site to request reviews of a number of legal plans for truckers, including:
* Drivers Legal Plan;
* PrePaid Legal Services (now renamed LegalShield); and
* Truckers Voice in Court.

There may be other legal services plans for truckers out there that drivers can review through our site as well.

Mike and I are personally familiar only with the PrePaid Legal Services (LegalShield) plan -- and only from the standpoint of using our Family plan, even for situations we've encountered on the job as professional truck drivers. We have personally never felt it necessary to have a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan to cover us, but then again, we have never been owner-operators.

Some people have advised that when evaluating legal service plans, to be sure to go with a plan that has actual attorneys and not just paralegals doing the work. Let's consider a few hypothetical situations that professional truck drivers may face on the road:

* A legally drunk driver hit your rig, causing an accident in which he dies. Even though the other driver was drunk, the family of the drunk sues you for wrongful death.

* You've been making payments on your truck through your trucking company for years, but somewhere along the way, the trucking company stopped sending your payments to the bank. Then, you find out that your truck is being repossessed.

* A situation involving loss is supposed to be covered by your insurance agency, but they hedge on making a payout and now you're being held financially responsible.

In each of these three situations (and doubtless many others), would you rather trust an attorney or a paralegal?

When it comes to determining the best and worst legal plans, you will also want to determine the size of their network of attorneys. Is it nationwide (assuming you're talking only about in the USA), or is it only local or regional?

Regarding the network, please note that drivers may have to pay an additional fee to get an attorney outside the jurisdiction of one'e home state plan. (We've had this happen a number of times.)

Also, does the firm have attorneys that can cover just about any area of law where you may have need (not just in connection with your occupation)?

I'm sure there are other facets of making the decision that other truckers can add. So I'm opening this up for further comment.

Thanks again for your question. I hope that this info has been at least a bit helpful.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons

Note: A link was corrected in this article after it was published.

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