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Already have a Licence in different country

by Raman

I was just wondering that if I already have a truck driver licence in Umar, but i would like to move to Canada. What courses do i need to do to upgrade or to be eligible to drive in Canada BC.

Response from Vicki:

Hello, Raman,

Thank you for asking a question through our site.

Before researching this matter for you, I was unfamiliar with how one becomes a truck driver in Canada. I hope that the following resources will help.

First of all, the USA's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a "Commercial Drivers License Reciprocity With Canada, Notice and Technical Amendment to Part 383" (link), which is important if you want to be able to travel back and forth between Canada and the USA.

Based on what I see on that page, I gather that each Canadian province has its own way of testing for commercial drivers licenses. So, I looked for information specific to British Columbia for you.

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure provides a section of its website dedicated to Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement, which "shows several important references used by professional drivers and carriers who work in British Columbia."

I also found Occupational Guides for Immigrants to B.C., which you will want to be sure to read.

Finally, this is just a suggestion, but you would do well to consider the job market for truck drivers in surrounding areas. You may wish to explore for jobs specifically in British Columbia. If I were you, I'd also try to find listings for other Canadian provinces and potentially nearby areas in the USA.

I wish you well in your quest to find a truck driving job. Please do your due diligence before hiring on with any trucking company.

When you relocate and get started in your new trucking job, Mike and I wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.


Best regards,
Vicki Simons

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