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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #066, 2015-01-09
January 09, 2015

Issue #66 | January 9, 2015

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

Email Newsletter

We provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

We've developed our unique website as a place to share the tips we have learned through the years -- and where other professional drivers can do the same. In other words...
"Because truckers know that
no trucker deserves
to be stung financially."

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Prevent This!



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Important Notice

  • Kicking Off "Helping Truckers Save Money Awards"

    As we announced in December, the year 2015 is going to focus on money saving tips for truckers by truckers. Just imagine how the entire worldwide trucking community could benefit if every trucker contributed just one money saving tip!

    Every Friday, we would love to give a customized digital award -- like the one shown below -- to one professional truck driver who submits through our Facebook page what we consider to be the best trucking-related money saving tip during the previous week. Imagine seeing an award customized with your name and the date after your award-winning tip!

    In January 2015, our focus will be on helping truckers save money on the topics of Budgeting and Employee Benefits.

    In February, our focus will be on Home Support Team and Telecommunications.

    Please keep your tips concise and please submit only an original tip each time.

    Thanks in advance for the awesome job we know you're going to do!

    Let's see how much we can help our fellow truckers save money and in the process have some fun! How about it? Ready, set, GO!


Prevent This!

On January 2 through our Truckers' Savings Blog, we posted an article about how the FMCSA is going to keep random drug testing among truck drivers at 50% in 2015. The reason for this:

  • "Reasonable-suspicion positive test rates" increased five-fold over a three-year period from 2010 to 2012;
  • Independent labs showed that "positive drug test results" increased from 2011 to 2012; and
  • "Serious controlled-substance and alcohol-testing violations were identified in 24% of recent compliance investigations."

Do not be among those who get flagged in a random drug test.

Protect yourself, the motoring public and your career by never using controlled substances.

If you must consume alcohol, make sure that your blood alcohol content is 0.00 before you attempt to drive, period, including in your personal vehicle.



Review of Lunch Crock by Crock Pot for Truck Drivers

How well would a Lunch Crock by Crock Pot work to heat a meal in a truck for a professional truck driver? This is our product review.

Review of Automatic Transmission in a Freightliner Smartshift Truck

Professional truck driver Mike Simons drove and reviewed a Freightliner Smartshift with an Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission.

Cobra Model 7750 vs Rand McNally Model 720

I owned three (3) Rand McNally Model 720's, in six (6) month's time. While the R/M 720 has some features I'd like to see on the Cobra 7750, I'd still take

We request your review of a product or service marketed and sold to professional truck drivers, a truck part or a truck stop fuel island, restaurant or shower.

You can even earn money doing it.



We ask the hard questions about how professional truck drivers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs. We asked the following through our site this month:

Trucker, what impact may 'customer migration patterns' play in your trucking career?

Contributing article:

What invaluable services does your at-home spouse do in your life, trucker?

Contributing article:

What one thing would have kept you with your previous trucking company longer, trucker?

Contributing article:

If you have no diesel-powered bunk warmer or APU, how do you stay warm in your truck during the arctic blast without idling?

Contributing article:

How does concrete on a bridge deteriorate 'rapidly'? What effect does an interstate lane closure have on truckers?

Contributing article:

Will the lottery-winning truck driver stay in trucking, leave or eventually have to come back?

Contributing article:

Why are IDEA nominees limited to only those with at least 25 years CMV driving experience? Why not more -- or less?

Contributing article:

How much impact will California's 'hidden' fuel tax have on your decision as a trucker to consider buying your fuel elsewhere?

Contributing article:

What part of the $350 million that the trucking industry has been saved because of lower fuel prices has been put to trucker pay?

Contributing article:

Do you as a trucker plan to take advantage of the extension of the new vehicle tax benefit by year's end?

Contributing article:

What impact could railroads being 'too clogged to deliver enough coal to power plants' have on trucking and truckers?

Contributing article:

If the truck tonnage index hit the 'highest recorded level' in November, what effect has that had on truck driver pay?

Contributing article:

If truckers are in a group ranked 5th in terms of obesity by occupation, why are they often the target for sleep studies?

Contributing article:

Owner-operators, do you use TruckerTax Letter to get questions about your taxes and business answered? How would you rate the service?

Contributing article:
Review the service:

Do the benefits of PeopleNet's new Video Intelligence system outweigh any detriments?

Contributing article:

Do you agree regarding CSA that too much time is spent bickering about inspection violations that 'may or may not have anything to do with safety'?

Contributing article:

Drive for a fleet? Do you agree that 'fleets are doing a good job compensating drivers'?

Contributing article:

What is more important to you in your trucking job than how much you're paid? How satisfied are you in your trucking job?

Contributing article:

Trucker, how do you keep from injuring yourself when connecting or disconnectng trailers -- or opening stuck trailer doors?

Contributing article:

Did the tax money withheld from paychecks of truckers who worked for what was Arrow Trucking ever get paid?

Contributing article:

If you have answers to our questions, please contact us.


Articles and Other Media

What's the answer to this seemingly impossible winter trucking problem?

Many professional truck drivers are put in a seemingly impossible situation when driving in snow- and ice-prone areas in the winter. Consider these facts:

Updated: Survive New Years Eve and Beware of Drunk Driving as a Trucker

Mike Simons never likes driving his truck on New Years Eve. If you have to drive, how do you survive if others engage in drunk driving?

Updated: Bank Issues, Unavailable Funds and Truckers on the Road

Should truckers prepare for bank issues such as unavailable funds? We provide some guidance...

Updated: Customer Satisfaction for Truckers at Truck Stops and Beyond

When professional truck drivers buy products and services, whether or not from truck stops, they expect customer satisfaction. What if they don't get it?

Updated: Applying for Driving Jobs Online? Beware These Warning Signs!

There are lots of websites advertising truck driving jobs. Before you submit your personal info online, watch out for these warning signs...

Updated: Internet on the Road: Connecting to the Internet While Traveling

Increasingly, truckers choose to access the Internet on the road for many reasons. How can you enjoy the Internet while traveling and save money?

Updated: No Credit Cards: The Cash Only One-Month Challenge

Some people have become 'credit card dependent.' Truckers are no exception. Help break the cycle: take the 'no credit cards' challenge...

Updated: Truckers Using Baking Soda as a Low-Cost Cleaning Agent

We describe ways that we have used baking soda as a low-cost cleaning agent in and around our trucks.

Updated: On Driving in Wind -- Strong Winds -- in a High Profile Truck

This overview of driving in wind is especially for the professional truck driver with a high profile truck. Strong winds and high winds can be very dangerous.

Updated: In-Truck First Aid Kit: Do-It-Yourself Versus Store-Bought Kits

There are many commercial first aid kits for sale that range in size and cost. Can you make a do-it-yourself first aid kit and save?

Updated: Trucker Goal Setting Instead of Making New Year's Resolutions

Every year, truck drivers make New Year's resolutions, knowing full well they won't keep them. If you engage instead in goal setting, you can work systematically to achieve your goals. Read our tips.

Updated: Before Year End: What's on Your Trucker To Do List?

The start of a new year brings a sense of renewal. But before year end this year, truckers may have their own to-do list. What can you get done?

Updated: Money Saving Trucker Media

This page contains trucker media that we have produced or are producing to help professional truck drivers save money.


Earn More, Save More

How long would it take to untangle a 50- to 100-car pile-up such as what happened in New Hampshire earlier this month?

What if besides being stopped due to traffic, one or more vehicles had collided with your truck? You would most likely need to travel -- or be towed -- to a place to have your truck repaired or replaced. You know what that does your paycheck, right?

If you're like most truckers, if your wheels aren't turning, you're not earning.

Is that the way you want to keep earning money for the rest of your life, constantly being subject to limitations on your paycheck?

If you're tired of "paycheck yo-yo syndrome," call 800-955-9549 and leave a message.

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Our 5th anniversary video describes the "why" of our site, which is summarized in our new slogan:
"Because truckers know that no trucker deserves to be stung financially".

We hope that you've had an excellent start to 2015. May your New Year be prosperous and filled with wellness, purpose and abundance.

To all of our readers who are professional truck drivers, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road!

Best regards,

Mike and Vicki Simons, Owners

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