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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #060, 2014-07-11
July 11, 2014

Issue #60 | July 11, 2014

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

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We provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

We've developed our unique website as a place to share the tips we have learned through the years -- and where other professional drivers can do the same. In other words...

Get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers at

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Reader Submitted Content

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Restaurant Review Grandma Max Nebraska Big Springs

This is a review of the Grandma Max's restaurant in Big Springs, Nebraska. Restaurant Review Grandma Max Nebraska Big Springs

We request your review of a product or service marketed and sold to professional truck drivers, a truck part or a truck stop fuel island, restaurant or shower.

You can even earn money doing it.



We ask the hard questions about how professional truck drivers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs. We asked the following through our site this month:

Do truckers work harder for praises than raises?

Contributing article:

Truckers, is being 'monitored' on the job making you more attentive or safer on the job?

Contributing article:

Is trucker pay following the rise in spot rates?

Contributing article: Related:

Trucker, are you aware of remote-controlled truck technology? Are you prepared for the future?

Contributing article:

What impact on trucker pay will Pilot Flying J's payments make?

Contributing article:

Are you as a trucker aware of federal, state and local laws regarding yielding to bicyclists?

Quote from article:


In another blog post, bike attorney Michael Keating (also a Streetsblog sponsor) said the federal, state, and city legislation makes it clear that it’s a truck driver’s responsibility to prevent this type of crash from happening:

49 C.F.R. Section 383.111 of the Code of Federal Regulations requires a professional driver to recognize and avoid potential hazards at all times around a turning tractor truck.

Section 11-1003.1 of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code states that every driver of a vehicle must 1) always exercise care to avoid colliding with pedestrians and bicyclists, and 2) sound their horn to provide warning of an impending impact.

Section 9-16-020 of the Municipal Code of Chicago specifically provides that a motor vehicle should not turn right across the path of a bicyclist traveling in the same direction until it is “clear” and safe to make the turn. This is known as a “right hook.”



Would you rather be a 'trucker' or a 'transport manager' over an autonomous 'driverless' truck?

Contributing article:

Is there a potential 'down side' to 'no touch' roadside truck inspections? If so, what is it?

Contributing article:

Will there ever be a 'maximum' trucking efficiency beyond wihich it will be impossible to improve? If so, where is it?

Contributing article:

How much extra do 'clean diesel engines' cost than older versions and what impact have these had on trucking?

Contributing article:

Would using biodiesel in your truck help or hinder your trucking operations?

Contributing article:

Trucker, did your income 'advance' 0.4% in May?

Contributing article:

What proposal do you as a trucker suggest to solve funding for the USA's transportation infrastructure?

Contributing article:

Do you have enough money in your emergency fund?

Contributing article:

Did this trucker kill himself because his wallet -- with all of his money -- was stolen?

Contributing article:

Did the 2013 change to the Hours of Service make truckers more or less tired than before the change?

Contributing article:

If foreign truckers can be fined for driving tired in the UK, can domestic truckers be fined as well?

Contributing article:

If you have answers to our questions, please contact us.


Articles and Other Media

Washed truck

Does DOT force you to wash your truck? ----- Response from Vicki: Hello. Thanks for asking a question through our website. We are unable to find any

auto Start/ auto stop

during cold weather rest stops, is the use of auto start/ auto stop a good way to reduce idling time? ----- Response from Vicki: Hi, Deb, Thanks for

Maximum speed

My trucking company decreased my truck's maximum speed. My truck went from being able to go 71 mph to stuttering along at 63. This adds insult to the injury

Updated: Sales Tax Holidays Can Help Truckers Save Big Money on Needed Items

No sales tax is charged on qualifying items sold during sales tax holidays. Truckers, too, can save a lot of money. Here's what to look for...

Updated: Truck Teeth, Jaws, Fangs Bug Screens Can Communicate Aggression

Does having truck teeth like the Jaws bug screen or Fangs bug screen communicate aggression? Is it evidence that could ever be used against you?


Earn More, Save More

One of the articles linked above addresses a professional truck driver's concern about his/her truck's maximum speed being cut back by his/her trucking company from 71 mph to 63 mph.

  • This is more than an 11% decrease in the maximum speed he/she can travel that is completely outside his/her control.
  • It means that he/she will have to work longer to move the same amount of freight and still get it done within his/her Hours of Service.
  • Effectively, it is a pay cut.

Are you tired of being told how much your time is worth? Don't you feel that you're worth more than your trucking company says you're worth?

You can start earning money during the time that you're not driving and not sleeping.

Call 800-955-9549 now!

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Our 5th anniversary video describes the "why" of our site, which is summarized in our new slogan:
"Because truckers know that no trucker deserves to be stung financially".

Already, "back to school" sales are in progress. It won't be long before the summer is over and school buses are back on the road (at least in the USA). Be careful as you travel around those clearly going on vacation.

If you know of news that helps truckers save money -- or requires truckers to spend more money -- would you please let us know? We're only a tweet or Facebook post away. Thanks.

To all of our readers who are professional truck drivers, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road!

Best regards,

Mike and Vicki Simons, Owners

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