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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #058, 2014-05-09
May 09, 2014

Issue #58 | May 9, 2014

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

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We provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

We've developed our unique website as a place to share the tips we have learned through the years -- and where other professional drivers can do the same. In other words...

Get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers at

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Reader Submitted Content

Things only humans can do

Are there things only humans can do? An April 12, 2014 article on entitled Toyota Replacing Some Factory Robots With Humans To Increase

coolant problem

I have a 2003 Volvo day and problem is coolant is blowing out of the left cap on coolant tank the engine doesn't over heat there is no sign of coolant

ATRI says FMCSA's HOS Field Study Report is flawed

The news release states (in part), MAP-21 required that the field study be “representative of the drivers and motor carriers regulated by the hours of



We request your review of a product or service marketed and sold to professional truck drivers, a truck part or a truck stop fuel island, restaurant or shower.

You can even earn money doing it.



We ask the hard questions about how professional truck drivers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs. We asked the following through our site this month:

If consumers were willing to pay more for 'green' transportation, would that make you more likely to buy and drive a 'green' truck?

Contributing article:

If your trucking company paid for a subscription-based driver safety training program, would you use it?

Contributing article:

What is your trucking company doing to help you as a trucker avoid traffic congestion?

Contributing article:

To what extent is government regulation hindering driver availability and fleet equipment purchases?

Contributing article:

Truck drivers, have you ever been 'dinged' by CSA for a crash you didn't cause?

Contributing article:

Trucker, what 'coercion' have you personally faced from carriers, shippers, receivers and brokers?

Contributing article:

How do you as a professional truck driver work to avoid getting 'sitting disease'?

Contributing article:

Are you an interstate trucker thinking about getting a 'stealth' radar detector in your truck?

Contributing article:

If a trucking company says that all truck accidents are preventable, what happens when a tornado blows over a tractor-trailer?

Contributing article:

If you drive for TransForce, Canada’s largest carrier, by what percentage did winter weather affect your paycheck?

Contributing article:

Would having cameras focused on your tractor's fifth wheel save you time or money when coupling and uncoupling trailers?

Contributing article:

Are you part of the 73% of Overdrive readers opposing the Affordable Care Act? How do you handle health insurance?

Contributing article:

What will Kraft's outsourcing of truckers mean to the drivers' pay?

Contributing article:

Why weren't electronic signatures allowed at the time the EOBR mandate was put into effect?

Contributing article:

What was in some applicants' background checks that made Swift not hire them?

Contributing article:

So, hitting a road-crossing deer with a truck 'probably' would have been a non-preventable accident? When would it have not been?

Contributing article:

Will Swift's lower first-quarter profit mean lower wages for their truckers?

Contributing article:

Is any trucker who is more tired since 7/2013 surprised that the FMCSA rejected ATRI's criticism of their HOS restart study?

Contributing article:

If owner-operators drive for a trucking company that uses EOBRs, will they be forced to have one in their trucks?

Contributing article:

Have you noticed any area of the world where the move to switch off street lights to save money has led to a big rise in serious injuries and fatalities?

Contributing article:

Will Old Dominion's freight rate increase also increase their truckers' pay?

Contributing article:

Would you as a trucker favor glow-in-the-dark roads instead of streetlights?

Contributing article:

If you have answers to our questions, please contact us.


Articles and Other Media

Updated: Railroad Crossing Accident Prevention for Semi Tractor Trailers

Drivers of semi tractor trailers can prevent being involved in a railroad crossing accident. Here's how...

Updated: Customer Satisfaction for Truckers at Truck Stops and Beyond

When professional truck drivers buy products and services, whether or not from truck stops, they expect customer satisfaction. What if they don't get it?

Updated: Portable Toilet 2: Reasons to Consider Having One in Your Truck

In Portable Toilet 2, we cover reasons why professional truck drivers should consider having one in their trucks.

Updated: Free Monthly Email Newsletter with Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

Our free monthly email newsletter from tells you each month about the new information that we have added, including interesting stories and money saving tips submitted by professional truck drivers.

Updated: On Drinking Water: For Trucker Bodily Needs and Health Benefits

Professional truck drivers, do not ignore the need for clean, safe drinking water. Your body and brain need it. Read about the many positive health benefits of drinking water...

Updated: USA Diesel Fuel Prices at Truck Stop and Travel Center Locations

Where can you find diesel fuel at the lowest per-gallon cost along your route? We have compiled information on diesel fuel prices to help you save as much money as possible.

Are You Letting Yourself Be Controlled?

It's no fun to realize that you may have been letting yourself be controlled. Identifying how it happened is the first step to correcting that.

Out of Service Truck: Trucker Stages a Showdown

When a trucking company won't keep its equipment maintained, sometimes a trucker just has to put his truck out of service and stage a showdown.


Earn More, Save More

If you love what you do as a professional truck driver but you're seeing continual encroachments on your paycheck by regulations and other factors outside your control, who says you have to put up with lower wages?

You can start earning money during the time that you're not driving and not sleeping.

Ever dream of earning your full potential?

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Do you as a trucker work or drive in hot conditions? Read about what can happen in a hot truck. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

If you know of news that helps truckers save money -- or requires truckers to spend more money -- would you please let us know? We're only a tweet or Facebook post away. Thanks.

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