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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #056, 2014-03-14
March 14, 2014

Issue #56 | March 14, 2014

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

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We provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

We've developed our unique website as a place to share the tips we have learned through the years -- and where other professional drivers can do the same. In other words...

Get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers at

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  1. Truckers Savings Journalists Program Forms Updated

    Using new technology, we've made it easier for professional truck drivers to become Truckers Savings Journalists, pitch articles and reviews, and submit them through our forms. By helping other professional truck drivers to save money, "Journalists" can earn money. What could be better than that?

  2. Truck Stop Review Forms Updated: Fuel Islands, Restaurants, Showers

    We have updated the forms through which truck stop reviews -- specifically fuel island, restaurant and shower reviews -- may be submitted. Included in these forms are fields that make it easy for Truckers Savings Journalists to get their ads published with their reviews.

  3. Never Miss a Truckers' Savings Blog Post Again

    Instead of expecting readers to either visit our blog page or subscribe to our XML news feed, we offer an email subscribe to blog option, so that anyone who wants our blog posts in a daily summary by email can get them. Never miss another post to help you stay informed.

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    Instead of expecting you to look through and download our list of 35+ free downloads from our site, we've made it incredibly easy to get the list of links by email. Just make your request through the form on our Free Downloads page.

  5. Get a Tip, Share a Tip is the place to "Get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers." If you "get" a truck drivers money saving tip on our site, then please be so kind as to "share" one based on your own trucking experience. Thanks for helping other professional truck drivers around the world save money.


Reader Submitted Content

Articles about truckers parking during Winter Storm Pax

Truckers Staying Put During Snow
Truckers: ‘Best thing to do is park’

Fuel Gelling, Lost Lubricity, Water in Fuel, Fuel Injector Problems

Hello, I was wondering what you do in the winter time to prevent fuel gelling, lost lubricity, water in fuel, and any other fuel and maintenance savings

dot regulations on infants being on the big truck and seat belt safety rules

My husband and I are leasing a truck from the company he works for. He is buying the truck. We just had a baby. We are interested in having our baby on



T/a porter Indiana

Don't come here expecting fast service the shop has one tech on third shift and after 8 a.m they have two techs for seven bays of shop been waiting

We request your review of a product or service marketed and sold to professional truck drivers, a truck part or a truck stop fuel island, restaurant or shower.

You can even earn money doing it.



We ask the hard questions about how professional truck drivers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs. We asked the following through our site this month:

Do truckers in the UK not have a type of STAA law that protects them from driving in bad weather?

Contributing article:

Who has received Team Run Smart's member gifts for participating in their online community?

Contributing article:

If the Hours of Service were much more flexible, do you think there would be such a trucker shortage?

Contributing article:

How often has seeing 'visibility tape' helped you as a professional truck driver avoid a crash?

Contributing article:

Trucker, do you believe that professional truck drivers clearly benefit from the health care law?

Contributing article:

How badly did "springing forward" one hour this past weekend affect you as a professional truck driver?

Contributing article:

If a former trucking comptroller stole more than $4 million from a company with about 100 trucks, wouldn't that be about $49,000 per truck?

Contributing article:

If a California motorist using a map app saw his ticket tossed out, what does this imply for professional truck drivers?

Contributing article:

FFrom a trucker's perspective, what are the pros and cons of increasing twin trailer length from 28 feet to 33 feet?

Contributing article:

Have you ever fueled your truck at one location and then driven to another for better food and fitness options?

Contributing article:

What impact do you think the $300 billion, 4-year infrastructure plan will have on the trucking industry?

Contributing article:

What kinds of 'medical emergencies' might cause a truck driver to lose control of his/her truck and crash?

Contributing article:

If you're an owner-operator, do you find the lowest priced fuel via a Smartphone app? If so, which one?

Contributing article:

Does your trucking company train its truckers on to pay attention to bicyclists in bike lanes?

Contributing article:

How much money would a system of pumping up truck tires while a truck is in motion save each year?

Contributing article:

How likely is it that a trucker would use the Pegasus TransTech app while his/her truck is in motion?

Contributing article:

Besides hurting truckers and their pay, won't a daytime truck ban in Manila hurt the people?

Contributing article:

If you're a trucker who crosses from the USA to Canada and back, would pre-inspections help you save time?

Contributing article:

Have you ever considered that the cost of pre-packaged food includes paying for someone else's preparation time?

Contributing article:

Will the President's proposed new truck fuel economy standards help or hinder truckers' paychecks over time?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 2:51:09 PM" 19 Feb, 2:51:09 PM

Will trucking companies with increased earnings share them with their professional drivers?

Contributing article:

If you have answers to our questions, please contact us.


Articles and Other Media

Truck Tarps with Holes, Moisture Sensitive Freight and Costs to Consider

What costs are there for transporting moisture sensitive product using truck tarps with holes?

Updated: Truckers Savings Journalists Program

Through the Truckers Savings Journalists program, current and former professional truck drivers can earn money from advertising appearing with their industry-specific money saving articles and reviews.

Updated: Truck Stop Fuel Island Review Form for Professional Truckers

While we have written many a truck stop fuel island review, if you're a professional truck driver, consider this an open invitation to write one of your own. Just fill in the form and submit.

Updated: Truck Stop Restaurant Reviews: Review Trucker Stops for Food

If you're a professional truck driver, we invite you to write restaurant reviews of truck stop restaurants where you've eaten. Where are your favorite trucker stops for food?

Updated: Truck Stop Shower Review Form for Professional Truck Drivers

While we have written many a truck stop shower review, if you're a professional truck driver, consider this an open invitation to write one of your own. Just fill in the form and submit.

Truckers, Request a Free Sample of Young Living Essential Oil

Have you as a trucker ever wanted to experience the power of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils? Then request a free sample today!

Updated: Job Loss for Professional Truck Drivers

We address voluntary and involuntary job loss for truck drivers. One is fine, the other is not. Here are some examples of what not to do.


Earn More, Save More

If you love what you do as a professional truck driver but you're seeing continual encroachments on your paycheck by regulations and other factors outside your control, who says you have to put up with lower wages?

You can start earning money during the time that you're not driving and not sleeping.

Ever dream of earning your full potential?

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Our 5th anniversary video describes the "why" of our site, which is summarized in our new slogan:
"Because truckers know that no trucker deserves to be stung financially".

If you know of news that helps truckers save money -- or requires truckers to spend more money -- would you please let us know? We're only a tweet or Facebook post away. Thanks.

To all of our readers who are professional truck drivers, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road!

Best regards,

Mike and Vicki Simons, Owners

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