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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #040, 2012-11-09
November 09, 2012

Issue #40 | November 9, 2012

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

Email Newsletter

We provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

We've developed our unique website as a place to share the tips we have learned through the years -- and where other professional drivers can do the same. In other words...

Get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers at

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Important Notice

  1. We Shared and Learned at the Truck Driver Social Media Convention

    We were honored to sponsor the Truck Driver Social Media Convention for the second year in a row. We gave away a couple of products with enormous money saving potential when used systematically. (We hope that the folks who won the products will write product reviews after they've thoroughly tested them.) We also learned a lot from the people with whom we spoke, including some of this year's sponsors and speakers.

  2. Get and Share Great Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers

    Every professional truck driver has a story about saving money or spending too much money in trucking. While we share our own successes and bone-headed mistakes on our website to help you, our site isn't just about us. Our goal is for our site to become a clearinghouse of how truckers around the world save money. Perhaps you've mastered something we haven't or you have knowledge about something we don't.

    We invite you to share
    • your review of a product or service marketed and sold to truck drivers,
    • your experience regarding a truck part you've used,
    • your experience at a truck stop or
    • your personal experience (your story) in dealing with money on the road as a trucker.

    So, what's your truck driver money saving tip?

  3. Truckers' Savings Blog

    Since our last email newsletter, we have posted snippets through our Truckers' Savings Blog from over 130 articles about how truckers can save money or are being forced to spend more money. We do the research and work so that you don't have to. While it takes a lot of time and all of the content is free, we are honored to serve you in this way.

    If you prefer, you can use your favorite news feed reader to read our XML file. By subscribing to the news feed, you can see the most recent posts on our web page linked above.

  4. Do You Like Our Content? Please Spread the Word.

    If you find value in our website, social networking outlets, news feed or this email newsletter, please spread the word in whatever way is most convenient for you. (Please support our sponsors, too.) We constantly seek to over-deliver value to help professional truck drivers worldwide save money. So we suggest that you Thanks.

  5. Big Announcement Coming!

    You know that is the go-to place to "get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers." Now that we've published over 500 pages on our site (not including Reader Submitted Content), we think it's time to make things more exciting for professional truck drivers worldwide. Be watching for our big announcement.


Reader Submitted Content

boost mobile prepaid service

I have had boost mobile for about 2 years. They use the Sprint network. They are reasonably priced at 50 dollars a month for unlimited phone, text, Internet.

90 degree backing

How do you mark your reference points from practice on an instruction course to the real course for the CDL test? Our instructors mark the stopping spot

landing gear distance

What is the minimum distance between the front of a tractor trailer and the landing gear in the down/dropped position? ----- Response from Vicki: Hi,

Truck side skirts on Semi Trucks?

I would like to know if there is any safety equipment you can put on your truck to make it less wind suck or vacuum or bow wave which pushes you away from


Truckers Savings News

IdleAir "5 Over 50" Special

Earn 5% back in Convoy Points™ when you load more than $50 on your IdleAir card in a single transaction.

If your business helps professional truck drivers save money, send us timely news through our Truckers Savings News page.



Restaurant Review Petro Missouri Oak Grove

This is a restaurant review of the Petro Iron Skillet in Oak Grove, Missouri. Restaurant Review Petro Missouri Oak Grove

We request your review of a product or service marketed and sold to professional truck drivers.



By now, you probably know that we ask hard questions about how professional truck drivers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs. We asked the following through our site this month:

Will Truckstop Parking Wars Erupt From Paid Reserve-It Parking at Truck Stops?

TravelCenters of America has devised a paid Reserve-It truck parking service. We think that truckstop parking wars may erupt. Here's why...



Allen and Donna Smith of,, and said this:

"Mike and Vicki Simons believe in 'raising the standards of the trucking industry' with the highest possible level of honesty, transparency, and integrity. Through, they are a second year sponsor of the annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention, being a part of the 'Circle of Trust,' which honors and supports our nation's drivers."



Bank Issues, Unavailable Funds and Truckers on the Road

Should truckers prepare for bank issues such as unavailable funds? We provide some guidance...

Veteran Truck Driver: What's Up the Road for You?

Been in trucking so long that you're a veteran truck driver? How are you doing financially? Could you do better? Consider these points...

Updated: Free Downloads for Truckers; Useful Tools for\Professional Truck Drivers

This page contains links to free downloads for truckers, including .pdf and zipped files containing spreadsheets that are useful tools for truck drivers.

Updated: Your Personalized To Do List to Help You Reach Your Goals

Those who have no target hit it every time. Using a to do list will help you plan your work and work your plan until you reach your goals. Ours is free...

Updated: On Goal Setting Instead of Making New Year's Resolutions for Truck Drivers

Every year, truck drivers make new year's resolutions, knowing full well they won't keep them. If you engage instead in goal setting, you can work systematically to achieve your goals. Read our tips.

Updated: Customer Satisfaction: Truckers as Patrons Know What They Want

When professional truck drivers buy products and services, whether or not from truck stops, they understand the meaning of customer satisfaction.

Updated: Truckers Using Direct Deposit as a Means of Saving Money

Although many people are aware of using direct deposit as a means of getting paid faster, are you aware that it can also save you money? We'll share with you money saving tips on this service...

Updated: On Falsifying a Log Book Entry as a Professional Truck Driver

What happens when a professional truck driver is caught falsifying his or her log book? Can the repercussions be serious or expensive?

Updated: Federal Student Loans and Government Student Loans for Truck Driver Training

Learn about federal student loans and government student loans for truck driver training.

Updated: A Hot Truck: On Summer Heat, Truck Heat and Bake Oven Conditions

When summer heat bears down on your truck, your hot truck can become a bake oven. We document just how bad this can get...

Updated: Portable Toilet 2: 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having One in Your Truck

In Portable Toilet 2, we cover reasons why professional truck drivers should consider having one in their trucks.

Updated: Truck Stop Rewards Program Information for Professional Truck Drivers

Large chain truck stops have their own rewards program to let professional truck drivers earn points that can be redeemed on products or services. Learn more here...

Updated: Money Saving Trucker Apps: Applications that Help Professional Truck Drivers Save Money

Are you a money-conscious and technologically-savvy professional truck driver? Then having a set of money saving trucker apps may interest you...

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To all of our readers who are professional truck drivers, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road!

Best regards,

Mike and Vicki Simons, Owners

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