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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #024, 2011-07-08
July 08, 2011

Issue #24 | July 8, 2011

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips

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We provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

We've developed our unique website as a place to share the tips we have learned through the years -- and where other professional drivers can do the same. In other words...

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Going Rates: What truckers need to know about CSA and insurance

With the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program in full effect, plenty of drivers are speculating about how violations will affect their driving record - and in turn, their insurance rates. ... holds Dreams of Chrome Sweepstakes

Drivers can register for 25 prizes yet to be given away in's six-month Dreams of Chrome Sweepstakes. ...

Legislation would prevent U.S. from paying for EOBRs on Mexican trucks

Legislation introduced shortly after the formalization of a new U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking program on Wednesday, July 6, would specifically prevent the use of U.S. funds to pay for electronic onboard recorders on Mexican trucks. U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, says the U.S. Department of Transportation's EOBR measure is an inappropriate use of U.S. funds. "As we debate deep and harsh cuts to programs that help middle-class families, it is outrageous that taxpayers are being told to foot the bill for the Mexican trucking industry to comply with American safety standards," DeFazio said while introducing the Protecting America's Roads Act. "Let the Mexican government or the Mexican carriers pay for their equipment, and let's use U.S. gas tax revenue for its intended purpose of putting Americans to work rebuilding our roads and bridges." ...

Get it while it's hot: Kansas has diesel grant cash

Kansas truck owners can apply now for diesel grants between $5,000 and $100,000. Between now and Aug. 15, the state of Kansas is accepting applications for its diesel grant program, which is administered competitively. Applicants can put together plans to upgrade or replace diesel equipment, and they are encouraged to voluntarily match grant funds with their own dollars. ...

Maryland accepting credit card/e-checks for permits

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is now accepting credit card and e-check payments for customers purchasing oversized/overweight load permits. Customers can also replenish escrow accounts or pay invoices through the new method. There is no need to create an account. Customers simply log into SHA's Automated Hauling Permit System (AHPS) at, as a "guest." There is a $4 service fee per transaction, which is charged by Vital Chek, the vendor providing the service. ...

Diesel price declines again

For the eighth week in the last nine weeks, the national average retail price of diesel fell during the week ended July 4, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. ... ...

Marten institutes detention pay

Drivers who arrive on time and are delayed by a shipper or receiver for more than two hours over the scheduled delivery time will be paid for the detention effective July 1, Marten Transport said. The rates are ...

State laws in effect July 1 focus on road safety

... Another new law in Tennessee pumps up the cost of traffic tickets by as much as $70. The law tacks a $13.75 fee on each traffic violation. The fees can quickly add up because officers can issue citations for as many as five violations on a single ticket. Additional revenue from the fees is earmarked for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's crime lab services. An Indiana law that goes on the books Friday addresses work zone safety. The new law specifies the speed limit in a designated highway work zone must be at least 10 mph below the normal speed in the area. Violators face fines of at least $300. In addition, all forms of dangerous driving in the affected areas will carry harsher penalties. Offenses include following too closely, improper lane changes, driver fatigue and failure to yield the right of way. Committing any one of these offenses, or other similar offenses, in work zones would result in fines of up to $1,000. ...

Louisville bridge meetings draw anti-toll crowd

Residents in the Louisville region say they don't want existing bridges to be tolled to pay for two new bridges, and they don't want the new bridges to be tolled, either. A pair of public meetings this week on a scaled-down version of the Ohio River Bridges project drew a combined 500 people. The majority of speakers were opposed to tolls. Back in January, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer agreed to shave off about a quarter of the project's $4 billion price tag in an effort to save money and forgo tolling the Sherman-Minton Bridge on Interstate 64 and Clark Memorial Bridge on U.S. 31. Toll opponents hailed that as a small victory, but as the current plan stands, the existing John F. Kennedy Bridge on I-65 could still be converted to a tollway. ...

Owner-Operator of the Month

Jeff Ledbetter says doing nearly 90 percent of the maintenance and having an APU on his truck help him manage costs. ...

Proper Inflation: Maintaining the ideal air pressure is the most important step in keeping tires in peak operating condition.

Checking your tires' pressure regularly is like exercising - you know you should do it, but it's easy to put it off. Tire professionals say there's a huge payoff for sticking with this routine. It will head off irregular wear that can reduce tire mileage, preserve the casing for retreading and enhance fuel economy. ...

What your treads are trying to tell you

Correctly reading and interpreting tire wear can save you money, enhance safety and alleviate maintenance headaches Truck and trailer tires provide a wealth of data to a technician who knows how to interpret the information being presented. With more than 100 years of accumulated maintenance experience and hard science as a guide, a good technician examining a tire can discern a wide array of problems quickly, such as questionable driver behavior, alignment issues, worn components and improperly spec'd tires. ...

States diesel tax rates set to change July 1

On July 1, Connecticut will increase its diesel tax, while Nebraska truckers will pay a slightly smaller tax and Georgia has delayed its increase. ...

Emissions ahoy: EPA announces expansion of SmartWay program to ports

The federal government estimates that trucking companies, rail lines and shippers have saved more than $6 billion in fuel costs since the EPA SmartWay program was rolled out in 2004. Those diesel savings are likely to rise exponentially during the next few years, EPA hopes. EPA and two other organizations announced the launching of the SmartWay Dray Truck Initiative Tuesday, June 28. SmartWay, launched in 2004, is a voluntary partnership between motor carriers and the EPA. The program encourages the use of diesel-saving items such as low-rolling-resistance tires and aerodynamic truck and trailer retrofits. ...

Bridge toll boost proposal decried

Michelle Keefer was not happy with the four-minute video that kicked off Wednesday's public hearing regarding proposed statewide toll increases that would nearly triple the cost to cross the Gov. Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge by summer 2013. ... Regina Mundi of La Plata owns truck stops near the bridge in Maryland and Virginia and testified that truck drivers already do whatever they can to avoid crossing into Maryland because of high tolls. If tolls are increased, "you're preparing yourself for a statewide sit-out" of truckers, she said. ...

Driver fatigue on safety list

The National Transportation Safety Board has announced its new list of the most critical transportation issues that need to be addressed to improve safety and save lives, including driver fatigue. The new "Most Wanted List" highlights 10 safety issues that impact transportation nationwide. "NTSB began issuing an annual "Most Wanted List" in 1990, and the latest list is the first one produced under a revised format developed by the agency over the past several months to modernize and streamline the list. Among this year's list are... ...

New bill would put an end to bad brokers in the trucking industry: Legislation would tighten regulation and close loopholes

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) applauded the introduction of the "Fighting Fraud in Transportation Act," HR2357, in the U.S. House of Representatives today. "This law would put a stop to a system that allows ruthless brokers and scam artists to continue to operate unchecked," says Todd Spencer, Executive Vice President of OOIDA. "Too often, we've seen deceitful brokers get away with collecting payments from shippers but cheating truckers out of what is rightfully theirs." ...

Toll Hikes Take Maryland off the Road to Recovery

To get out on the open road from Maryland will soon cost more. The Maryland Transportation Authority is planning on dramatically hiking its tolls on bridges, tunnels, and tollways. By 2013, the car fees would go from $3-$5, on many of these routes, to $8. For truckers, the rates would double, getting as high as $48. Thousands have protested in public hearings all over the state; and rightly so. These increases will cost commuting families thousands and semi-truck drivers even more. ... Truckers, who will pay thousands extra, will be forced to raise their rates, hurting producers, wholesalers, and the trucking companies. ...

Pennsylvania Increases Trailer Width Limit on Two Roads

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has approved two stretches of state highway for use by wider truck trailers. Portions of state Routes 641 and 2003 in Cumberland County are now open to trailers up to 102 inches wide. Before the new widths were announced, the roadways near Harrisburg and Interstate 81 were restricted to trailers up to 96 inches wide. ...

Bridge to Canada could cost taxpayers big bucks

It's a $4 billion project: Another bridge to cross the Detroit river, connecting the Motor City with Windsor. Governor Rick Snyder says it won't cost taxpayers anything. However, other lawmakers say the reality is quite the opposite. ... We headed to a local truck stop to see how truck drivers feel about the proposed bridge. "I just don't think in this economy the way they're proposing it is funded properly. We need to focus on more things Detroit needs," said truck driver Brandon England. Owners of the Ambassador Bridge say traffic is down 40 percent, so its been tough selling the idea to taxpayers who wonder why do we need a second bridge anyway? ...

Kansas speed limit increases

The speed limit is going up for drivers beginning July1 on more than 800 miles of Kansas highways and Interstates. There are several reasons why authorities are raising the minimum speed limit from 70 to 75... KCTV5 spoke to several semi-truck drivers who spend their entire day on the Interstates across Kansas, and they say the speed limit change is simply a way to raise more money for the state in a down economy. "They're not selling as much fuel because cars are getting better fuel mileage, they need the revenue to keep the highways fixed. I think it's a way of getting more revenue, if you drive faster, you're going to use more fuel so you're going to buy more," said truck driver David Barr. ...

Marten Transport named Thermo King Energy Efficiency Leader

Marten Transport, which specializes in protective service transportation of foods, chemicals and other products, has combined customer feedback, common sense solutions and innovative systems to incorporate improvements expected to lower refrigeration hours by 10 percent, reduce idle time to 2 percent and save millions of gallons of fuel. Earlier this year, the fleet was named CCJ's 2011 Innovator of the Year Award winner for its endeavors in this area. ...


Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) introduced legislation that would provide tax credits for purchasers of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. This bill would reinstate the currently-expired Section 30B qualified hybrid motor vehicle tax credit, helping manufacturers reach economies of scale, and bring down the cost of these technologies for consumers. The Kohl-Blunt bill would extend the Section 30B credit through 2015 and update the incentive to recognize current costs and technologies. ...

Some state DOTs promote tolls on interstate highways

Without a lot of federal dollars to be had for states to make large-scale repairs or upgrades to interstate highways, some officials want permission for more interstates to be converted into toll roads. It's something OOIDA adamantly opposes. ... The most notable attempt in recent years to toll an existing interstate has been Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania. During the application process, Pennsylvania officials failed to convince the Federal Highway Administration that 100 percent of the toll proceeds would remain with the roadway, and the application was turned aside. A state can apply as many times as it wants for authority under FHWA's tolling pilot programs, but Pennsylvania seems to have stopped at three tries. OOIDA and its membership, along with small towns and businesses along the corridor, fought hard against that proposal and were glad to see it go. "OOIDA adamantly opposes the sale or lease of existing roads and efforts to convert non-tolled roads into toll facilities," the Association states in its position on highways. ...

Indiana Toll Road lease: Five years later

Before Gov. Mitch Daniels leased the Indiana Toll Road to private investors in 2006, professional trucker Randy Nace would occasionally use the tollway even though it carried a $14 toll. Several toll increases later, with truckers set to pay $35.20 starting Friday, July 1, residents like Nace are reminded of why they fought so hard against the privatization deal. "I still think it was the wrong thing to do," Nace said from his truck on Monday. He says he's managed to survive cost increases and the economic downturn in part by avoiding the Indiana Toll Road. ...

Texas OKs higher speeds, wipeout of Trans-Texas Corridor

... Gov. Rick Perry signed into law a bill to permit the speed limit on certain new roadways to be set at 85 mph. HB1201 requires the Texas Department of Transportation to perform engineering and traffic studies to determine whether the speed is appropriate on new construction. The 85-mph authorization is the second speed limit initiative approved by the governor in the past few weeks. Another new law increases speeds on most rural highways to 75 mph day and night - as long as studies deem it safe. In addition, any speed differential between cars and trucks is eliminated. ...

FedEx adds more than 4,000 new fuel-efficient vehicles

FedEx Express on Tuesday, June 28, announced a significant expansion of lower-polluting energy-efficient vehicles. FedEx Express says that within the next two months it will place 24 new all-electric vehicles into service, expanding to three new cities and more than doubling its fleet to 43 all-electric vehicles while growing the diversity of suppliers it uses for electric vehicles. At the same time, FedEx Express will be adding more hybrid-electrics, using composite vehicles and upgrading over a tenth of its conventional vehicle fleet to more energy-efficient vehicles. "We are using efficient technologies that are readily available now, while investing in innovative technologies that we hope and believe can be vehicle workhorses for the future," says Dennis Beal, vice president of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express. "Our goal has always been to optimize and operate our vehicle fleet in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner so that emissions are reduced while serving our customers in the best possible manner." ...

Congress eyes broker bill

For the second year running, Congress is considering a bill trucking and broker organizations say will mitigate unscrupulous broker practices. ...

Tennessee tickets to cost more; 'racket,' says trucker

Speeders and other rules of the road violators could be charged up to nearly $70 more for traffic tickets under a new state law that takes effect next month and is intended to fund crime lab services for law enforcement agencies. The law that takes effect July 1 adds $13.75 onto each traffic violation, and motorists can be cited for as many as five violations on a single ticket. The fee applies only to people who chose not to contest their tickets in court and pay the fine before a court date or a compliance date. ...

Celebrate American Energy Independence with IdleAir on July 4th

IdleAir invites all professional drivers to celebrate American energy independence with us this Independence Day. On Monday, July 4, IdleAir Premium Service will drop to $1.76/hr, and everyone can enjoy free high-speed wired Ethernet service. Drivers can hook up at any IdleAir location, at any time on Monday, July 4, and the first 10 hours are only $1.76/hr, and then $1.25 for each additional hour. Drivers and fleets with different discounted rates will automatically receive the lowest hourly rate. ...

Technology helps truckers keep an eye on thingsy

For commercial truck drivers, three hours of rumbling highway driving can melt into one. But for trucking company owners, those few hours of driving, if over the daily legal limit, can mean thousands of dollars in fines. To keep drivers from making costly mistakes, Trip Data & Safety Management Inc., a Moncton-based firm, will roll out new software in the coming weeks that tracks critical trip data from trucks, alerting company safety managers to areas of concern before they turn into fines. Bert Conrad, owner of Trip Data & Safety Management Inc., said he guarantees the technology will pay for itself within the first six months. "We can save trucking companies tens of thousands of dollars every year," Conrad said. "They start saving within the first month." ...

Maersk announce pricing changes

Maersk Line have announced plans to start charging customers who fail to fulfill bookings, while the shipping company will also refund customers if a container is not loaded. ...

Coming to an invoice near you: "Load Protection Fees"

COPENHAGEN: It's like restaurants charging people who make reservations and then don't show up. (Actually we're surprised more eateries don't do it.) Shipping giant Maersk is going to start charging shippers who book container space but then never send the actual containers. It's a huge chunk -- up to 30 of their business -- and Maersk is tired of accommodating the no-shows. ...

Lunch for truckers

Nola's Lounge, located next to Magic City Campus, had countless trucks running past on Wednesday being filled with dirt from the hill. Tracy Platt, who cooks frequently at Nola's, thought he'd help where he could and provide lunches for the truck drivers. ...

OOIDA members qualify for Freight Wing side skirt discount

Members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) who run their own trailers now qualify for a 15 discount off trailer side skirts from Freight Wing. Aeroflex side skirts from Freight Wing have proven to deliver 7 fuel savings using SAE/TMC J1321 testing methods. Sean Graham, president of Freight Wing says the payback is often under 50,000 miles. ...

Nevada turns to tolls for congestion relief

A new law moves one Nevada town closer to having a $400 million bypass to relieve traffic. Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law a bill, SB506, to authorize the state's first and only toll road around Boulder City. Aimed at relieving traffic jams created by the opening of the Hoover Dam bypass bridge last fall, the new law requires the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to partner with a private group to finance a 15-mile toll road. The alternative route is sought because of increased traffic, namely truck traffic, using U.S. 93 after the opening of the bypass bridge. In recent months, the RTC has gone as far as to pursue a temporary truck ban on the bridge connecting Arizona to Nevada. Traveling through the area has been a challenge for truckers during the past decade. Truck traffic has been prohibited from accessing the Hoover Dam since 9/11. Until the bypass opened in October 2010, truckers were forced to take a 75-mile detour. ...

Truckers forced to route around flooding in Midwest

Truckers traveling through Minot, ND, have been forced to find a new route on Wednesday, June 22, after hearing the news that levees protecting the city had been breached. On Wednesday, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple issued a mandatory evacuation order for homes along the Souris River in Ward County in what is expected to be the worst flooding in 40 years. The North Dakota Department of Transportation is providing this map for truckers looking for alternative routes around the flooding. ...

ARI adds fuel-stop locator service

Automotive Resources International (ARI) is adding a fuel- stop locator application to its suite of mobile fleet tools, via its long-term partner Wright Express (WEX). As escalating fuel prices increase fleets' needs to reduce costs, the company said fleet drivers can use the mobile versions of either ARI insights or ARI Driver insights to locate the type of fuel they need at the lowest price. ...

Texas law covers idling issues

A new law in Texas allows certain trucks to idle without truckers having to worry about setting their stopwatch. Gov. Rick Perry signed into law a bill to permit trucks with "clean idle" engines to idle while also providing an incentive to reduce idling. The new rule took effect immediately. ... In the bill analysis, Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Horseshoe Bay, wrote that "during many months of the year, it is impossible for a driver to get the rest he or she needs without air conditioning or heat." Also included in the new rule is a provision to increase the maximum weight limits for large trucks equipped with idle-reduction technology. Commercial vehicles equipped with auxiliary power units are authorized to weigh up to an additional 400 pounds. Supporters said the allowance rewards independent truck drivers and large trucking firms for using technology to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions. ...

Nevada bans all cell phone use while driving

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a new law June 17 that prohibits talking or texting on a cell phone while driving. The law makes Nevada the 34th state to prohibit texting behind the wheel and the ninth to prohibit all handheld cell phone use while driving. The new Nevada law makes it illegal to text or talk on a handheld cell phone while driving. Under the new law, violators face a fine of up to $100 for the first offense, up to $200 for the second offense and up to $250 for the third offense. In addition, third-time offenders also can have their driver licenses suspended. The law is due to become effective on Jan. 1, 2012; law enforcement officers will begin issuing warnings on Oct. 1. ...


China has more toll roads than any other country. In order to relieve drivers from high tolls, the country has launched a one-year campaign against unreasonable toll charges. Chinese toll roads represent more than 70 percent of the world's total. Truck drivers like Mr. Wu who delivers goods from one province to another are the biggest victims. Usually, he has to cross several provinces on one delivery. And on his way, he will come across countless toll stations. Sometimes, toll fees cut his profits by more than half. ...

Oregon Governor Signs Idling Reduction Law

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber signed HB 2081, an idling reduction bill, into law on June 16. The new law means that trucks will not be allowed to idle more than five minutes in any 60 minute period, with some exceptions. It also prohibits any city or county from creating their own idling restrictions. The penalty is $180 and would be levied against drivers, not the owners of the trucks, reports The Oregonian. The law will go into effect Jan. 1, 2012. According to published reports, exceptions include ... ...

Mercier Bridge closing will cost trucking companies

MONTREAL - The closing of the Mercier Bridge will raise the cost of trucking in the region, forcing delays in deliveries as well as increased fuel and manpower costs. Trucking companies may be forced to impose a surcharge on customers for deliveries in the Montreal region because of the higher costs associated with bridge closings and construction work on the island, said Marc Cadieux, president of the Quebec Truckers Association. ... He said truckers are often unable to make their deliveries because of roadwork. This adds to fuel and manpower costs as many companies are forced to put more trucks on the road. He said there is an increased possibility that trucking companies will have to impose a surcharge for deliveries in the Montreal region because of the added costs of driving in Montreal. Such costs could be as high as $125 a trip, he said, as it is on Manhattan Island in New York City. ...

Interstate 29 closures extract high price from truckers and companies, industry officials says

DES MOINES, Iowa - Truckers and trucking companies are paying a price for the flood-related closures along Interstate 29 in Iowa. The president of the Iowa Motor Truck Association told The Des Moines Register that I-29 is a major corridor for trucks. Association president Brenda Neville says there is a tremendous cost to take the highway detours, "and while some of the costs can be passed on to the shipper, that doesn't always happen." ...

Trucker charged after 39 kilos of cocaine found in raspberry shipment

WINDSOR, Ont. -- Canadian border services officers seized 39 kilograms of cocaine inside a shipment of raspberries that were being brought across the Ambassador Bridge Friday. ... Drago Knezevic, the 50-year-old driver from Kitchener, was arrested without incident. The RCMP Windsor detachment drug section has charged Knezevic with one count of importing and one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act.

Flooding shutdown of I-29 has 'dramatic impact' on Iowa truckers

The closure of Interstate Highway 29 on two stretches in western Iowa because of flooding on the Missouri River is having a "dramatic impact" on the state's trucking companies, according to a top industry official. I-29 is a key trucking route that extends from Kansas City, Mo., through Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota to the Canadian border south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Flooding has closed a 20-mile stretch of I-29 between Council Bluffs and the Missouri Valley area, as well as a 22-mile section in southwest Iowa and northwest Missouri from the interchange of I-29 and Iowa Highway 2 south to U.S. Highway 136. ...

I-29 closures expand to Missouri

I-29 is closed at the intersection with U.S. 136 at Rock Port, Mo., in extreme northwest Missouri due to Missouri River flooding, the Missouri Department of Transporation reported June 15. MoDOT advised travelers to use I-35. ... Drivers can find the location of highways closed by water on MoDOT's Traveler Information Map, available at Detours for closures on interstates and U.S. routes can be found at, along with other flood information. ...

Flooding closes I-29 in Iowa

All lanes of Interstate 29 in Iowa between mile marker 61 near Crescent and the I-680/I-29 interchange at mile marker 71 near Loveland have been closed due to flooding from the nearby Missouri River, the Iowa Department of Transportation said, and may not be reopened until August. ...

Hours proposal bad for small business, trucking executive tells Congress

In testimony before the House Small Business Committee Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations, James Burg, president of James Burg Trucking Co., said proposed changes to the federal hours-of-service were unwarranted and would harm small businesses nationwide. ... Burg said that if the changes proposed by FMCSA following a court settlement with advocacy and labor groups were to take effect, his 75-truck fleet based in Warren, Mich., would need to "add additional trucks and drivers - and their corresponding expenses - simply to counter the loss in productivity." "By estimates, we would need to increase our retained earnings by between 20 percent and 25 percent just to maintain our current level of financial stability," said Burg, who added that productivity losses also would "likely be felt by small business shippers, manufacturers and retailers in the form of increased costs." ... ...

FMCSA proposes medical record extensions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on June 13 proposed to keep in effect until Jan. 30, 2014, the requirement that commercial drivers must retain a paper copy of the medical examiner's certificate. In addition, interstate motor carriers also would be required to retain a copy of the medical certificate in the driver qualification files. ...

Red-light cameras put off indefinitely

>> Due to a judge's decision in St. Louis declaring red-light traffic cameras in violation of state law, the city is shelving indefinitely plans to reinstate a red-light camera system here. The city had been looking to reboot its red-light camera system using the same vendor and an ordinance similar to the one in St. Louis, Burris said. "We cannot move forward on our system based on this case." >> Starting next Monday, the city and the Missouri Department of Transportation will close Chestnut Expressway at the U.S. 65 overpass for up to six weeks after truck drivers failed to heed low clearance signs put up ahead of scheduled bridge work. Drivers still will be able to access right-turn ramps leading to and from the highway, but won't be able to pass underneath the bridge, MoDOT spokesman Bob Edwards said. ...

Fuel pricing expert backs CTA concerns about biodiesel mandate

[Canada] The federal government's own Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement on its proposed biodiesel mandate indicated pump prices could go up as a result of the July 1 biofuel requirement, the CTA pointed out. The net cost to taxpayers could be as high as $2.5 billion over the next 25 years. David Bradley, president and CEO of the CTA says "it is important that gasoline and diesel fuel consumers be heard as well as the oil companies." "Among our concerns," he says, "is the impact that additives such as ethanol and biodiesel have on the price of fuel and what the impact of the removal of subsidies to the renewable fuel sector will be. We believe the renewable fuels sector is using frozen facts." ...

No proof of fuel savings with biodiesel: experts report

A recent fuel-cost analysis suggests there would be no savings for diesel fuel consumers if the government goes ahead with a proposed biodiesel mandate commencing July 1. The analysis, by Kent Marketing Services Limited, also counters claims made by the Canadian renewable fuels industry that Canadians would be paying dramatically higher gas prices if not for the ethanol mandate that came into force last year. ...

Yokohama Tire announces price increase

Yokohama Tire Corp. on Monday, June 13, announced that it will implement a price increase of an average of 8 percent on all of its light and medium commercial truck tires sold in the United States, effective July1. ...

Diesel price goes up

After five weeks of declining prices, the national average retail price of diesel rose during the week ended June 13, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. The national average price gained 1.4 cents to $3.954. ...

EMA's US$2 000 fine hits truckers

[Zimbabwe] THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has launched a blitz against haulage truck drivers who carry dangerous substances without requisite permits and is demanding US$2 000 spot fines from offenders. ...

Big rig batteries stolen in Sacramento County

A rash of burglaries have truck drivers replacing more than 100 big rig batteries. Sacramento area truck drivers said dozens of trucks have been broken into over the past couple weeks. ...

PilotFlyingJ: Best Showers

... Over the next 3 years, we will renovate over 4,000 showers in our locations. ... ... From Memorial Day to Labor Day we are holding a contest where drivers with a Frequent Fueler Advantage or Driver Payback card may vote for their favorite shower. ... Drivers may also review truck stop showers ANY time at

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Question about Truck driving school!...

Dear Sir/Madam; My name is Montgomery, I wanted to know if a CDL school must be PTDI certified? If so, does it increase the chances of getting with a reputable



CabAire Truck Electrification Solutions: Reviews from Professional Truck Drivers

In selected truck stops, you may find CabAire truck electrification solutions. How to professional truck drivers like it?

AireDock Anti-Idling System: Reviews from Professional Truck Drivers

The AireDock anti-idling system provides benefits to truck drivers who cannot idle. How to professional truck drivers like it?



Tweets from 2010 from

These are the tweets from 2010 from

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Choices: Guidance for Professional Truck Drivers

For truckers who need one, a hand held vacuum cleaner comes in handy to keep one's truck clean. Read our tips regarding choices and for guidance...

Safe Parking: Will Jason's Law Fix the Truck Parking Situation?

Will Jason's Law, H.R. 1803 or S. 1187, fix the truck parking situation -- giving safe parking to America's truck drivers? This is a commentary.

On Death and Dying On the Job as a Professional Truck Driver

No one wants to talk about it, but professional truck drivers should deal with the possibility of death and dying on the job ahead of time.

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese: The Ultimate, Easy-to-Make Comfort Food

Imagine eating a delicious bowl of macaroni and cheese. You can make this ultimate comfort food, either in a crock pot or not, with this easy recipe.

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