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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #014, 2010-09-03
September 03, 2010

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter
September 2010 -- Issue #014

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Fuel Island Reviews

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Truckers' Savings Blog

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Through this blog, we send news about opportunities for saving money or getting rebates; share articles revealing how drivers saved money or lost money (as examples to learn from); and alert drivers to situations to be aware of that could cost them money.

  • Near passage: California bill would add toll lanes on 91 Freeway

    A bill on its way to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk is intended to clear any legal hurdles for Riverside County's project to build toll lanes on California's 91 Freeway.

  • How is it bad to save a buck?

    This is some pretty simple math, but let me walk you through it.
    Let's say that you buy a truck for $140,000. If you got a 10 percent savings on that, you'd keep $14,000.
    OOIDA and a number of other groups have proposed to provide a 10 percent credit on the purchase of new trucks meeting 2010 engine standards for anyone - individuals. Right now, this is just a proposal, so the details aren't nailed down.

  • Produce Center to Install All-Electric Trailer Refrigeration Units

    The New England Produce Center in Chelsea, Mass., will install 79 Carrier Transicold Vector 5100 all-electric trailer refrigeration units, which will replace diesel-powered units that previously ran.
    The Vector 5100 units are also expected to help eliminate the annual consumption of more than 480,000 gallons of diesel fuel, which can save the produce market approximately $500,000 a year.

  • Trailer Side Skirts Save This Trucker 8.94[percent] in Fuel

    Some truck owners have begun buying trailer side skirts because they need them to legally run in California. Others got them because they know the skirts can and do save fuel at highway speeds. Among the latter are Greg & Dannele Decker, who operate Triple Decker Transport out of Airdrie, Alberta. He drives a 2007 Volvo VT880 with a D16 engine that pulls an '02 Utility 3000R reefer equipped with Windyne skirts ( He says they save 8.94 percent in fuel.
    "I just completed a trip to North Carolina with a company dry van (no fairings) and my fuel average was 5.83 U.S. mpg. I did a trip to Virginia at the end of July and averaged 6.4 U.S. mpg with our trailer. Both times I weighed 80,000 pounds leaving Alberta and came home weighing 77,000 pounds.
    "As you can see from the above data, I increased my fuel economy by 8.94 percent. The miles driven were slightly higher in the last four months but I used 503.543 gallons or 1906.121 liters less fuel. Using the average fuel cost for that time period we saved $1,467.83 which would extrapolate to $4,403.49/year.
    "With the cost of the Windyne Flex-Fairings being $4,600 U.S. ($5,000 Canadian), it will take approximately 13.6 months to pay for the fairings. With an expected life cycle of 10 years, my total dollar savings (at today's fuel prices) will be approximately $39,000.

  • AC for AZ truckstops

    Two installation sites in Cochise County, AZ along Interstate 10 have been agreed upon for electric hookups for long-haul diesel trucks, according to a recent announcement from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). The installations will be part of a truck anti-idling project designed to reduce engine emissions along southern Arizona highways.
    According to the announcement, each of the parking spaces will include cooling and heating units for heavy-duty trucks. The cost of electricity is projected to be less than half of what it would cost to power the trucks' onboard systems by leaving the diesel engine running. Payment for the electricity will be made at on-site kiosks which will accept credit cards.

  • Truckers' GPS from Rand McNally upgraded

    The IntelliRoute TND, a GPS navigation device specifically designed by Rand McNally for professional truck drivers, now creates state-by-state mileage reports that can be exported to spreadsheets for IFTA fuel tax reporting.
    The new feature is part of a free upgrade announced by Rand McNally that also includes...

  • CVSA brake safety week Sept. 12-18
    Any drivers who haven't checked their brakes in a while might want to do so. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual Brake Safety Week starts Sunday, Sept. 12.

  • Shorepower adds two sites in south Arizona

    Truckers on Interstate 10 will have at least two new electrification options at truck stops in the near future when traveling through Cochise County, AZ.
    Shorepower Technologies has been selected to install nearly 60 units at the Gas City Truck Stop, at the intersection of State Highway 90 and I-10 in Benson. At least 30 units will be installed at the Sunmart Truck Stop, located at Exit 378 and I-10 in San Simon.

  • COMPETITION WATCH: Interstate Distribution begins massive trailer side skirt installation

    Interstate Distributor Co., Freight Wing and the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC), have announced the beginning of one of the industry's largest installations of trailer side skirts.
    ...installing 2,058 Freight Wing Aeroflex side skirts in July at its maintenance facilities.
    According to [Lee] Owens [senior vice-president of maintenance and facilities for Interstate Distributor], the Freight Wing side skirts give a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. "We've tested the side skirts for the past few years and have seen up to a 5[percent] improvement in fuel economy depending upon the route and the speed we're travelling. The higher the average speed, the better the performance. We also tested durability - a huge factor for us in deciding which side skirts to purchase. We chose the Freight Wing product because it was more resilient than others we tested."

  • Trojan Battery to power Bergstrom NITE Systems

    Trojan Battery Co. will supply absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery power for Bergstrom's NITE no-idle line of products.
    According to Trojan Battery, to effectively power an auxiliary heating or cooling system like Bergstrom's, a battery with deep cycling capabilities is required. The Overdrive is equipped with a thicker, more robust plate and a heavy-duty grid that makes it ideal for such applications.
    The NITE systems are CARB-approved and generate emissions-free high BTU cooling capacity.
    The OverDrive AGM 31 battery is a sealed deep cycle, AGM battery designed for powering no-idle HVAC systems over long periods of time. It provides a steady current in excess of 10 hours to effectively maintain power to the APU system.

  • Trucks of the future driven by coming greenhouse gas, fuel efficiency regs

    In some aspects of trucking, the future is approaching at warp speed. And nowhere is that more true than the technology being driven by coming greenhouse gas reduction regulations and proposed mandates to increase fuel efficiency.
    Predictive cruise control uses GPS and digital mapping techniques, something already being pursued by trains to save fuel by predicting hills, valleys and regulating fuel use to match.

  • IdleAire back open for business

    New IdleAire Inc. CEO Mike Fielden admits it's going to be a tough sell to woo former customers back to using its in-cab services after the previous owners unexpectedly shut down in January. Many drivers had money on their IdleAire cards at the time of the company's closure and were never reimbursed by the previous owners for the money they were owed.
    However, Fielden told Land Line that the new owners plan to honor the prepaid balances customers had on their cards.
    According to Fielden, so far nine sites, which are mainly located in the southern states, have been reopened. The plan is to reopen 25 sites by this fall.

  • SCL endorses 'empty miles' program

    The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Canada (SCL) says the VICS Empty Miles service will help drive transportation cost efficiencies and support the sustainability efforts of its members.
    The Empty Miles service is an industry-led backhaul transport solution for the North American supply chain....
    The program matches a company's trucks and trailers on the return leg of their journey with cargo that can be retrieved or delivered along the return route. In tandem with removing empty transport vehicles from the road, Empty Miles has been shown to curb greenhouse gas emissions, decrease fuel consumption, increase user productivity and save money.

  • Loblaw's hybrid Class 8 pilot project underway

    Loblaw Companies Limited has become the first Canadian retailer to pilot a hybrid Class 8 truck in an effort to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the fleet's carbon footprint. The company has set a target to improve the fuel efficiency of its corporate transport fleet by 2[percent] compared to its 2009 level.

  • Side fairing added to Hyundai Translead trailers

    Trailer manufacturer Hyundai Translead has partnered with Ridge Corp. to offer aerodynamic side fairings on all HT trailers.
    Ridge produces the Green Wing side fairing, which the company said produces up to 5.2[percent] in fuel savings under J1321 tract testing to meet EPA SmartWay requirements.
    The side fairings are made of high-performance thermo plastic composite engineered to produce predictable deflection modes that provide stiffness and reduce failure in bending, according to Ridge. The device is also UV protected, weighs less than 200 lbs., is dent-proof and warranted against corrosion.

  • Feds: Hundreds cheated on PA CDL tests with interpreters

    The federal government has charged the owners of a Pennsylvania truck driving school for helping hundreds of out-of-state individuals illegally obtain CDLs through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
    Vitaliy Kroshnev and Tatyana Kroshnev owned and operated the International Training Academy from at least 2007 through mid-August. The business provided training for individuals trying to obtain a CDL in Pennsylvania.
    Court documents show that Khroshnev told an undercover FBI agent this past year that the academy could provide him a "guaranteed" CDL for $2,200, as well as fraudulent residency documents for an additional $300.
    As part of the alleged scheme, the academy would help the would-be truckers lie to obtain in-state residency before applying for a Pennsylvania driver's license, and later a commercial driver's license.

  • Ill. trucker rebuilding life after identity theft

    Trucker Earl Robert Hood didn't know his identity had been stolen until his commercial driver's license was suspended in 2008 for four DUIs he never committed.
    He promptly lost his job and many of his possessions and saw his marriage end in divorce. Now he wants other truckers to learn from his experience.

  • Fleet survey: Load boards boost revenue, profits

    Smaller fleets that rely heavily on load boards earned $800 more per truck per month compared to those that that use the freight matching services less frequently, according to a new survey. According to the TransCore Carrier Benchmark Survey, revenues for all carriers this year are up by approximately $1.500 per truck per month, or 11.4[percent] compared to 2009.

  • California GHG compliance could save carriers money over time

    Despite the costs of complying with the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) new heavy-duty tractor-trailer greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation mandate that went into effect Jan. 1 this year, some fleets are finding they may come out ahead in the long run.
    ...Tacoma, WA-based Interstate Distributor Co. says the fuel efficiency gains it's achieving via new aerodynamic side fairings on its trailers should more than outweigh the cost of installation within a relatively short time frame.
    According to PPRC, Interstate's trailer fairing project is expected to save 1.1 million gallons of diesel a year, over 16 million gallons over the lifespan of the skirts...
    Those fuel savings should more than help offset the costs associated with installing trailer side fairings. CARB, for example, estimates the average cost of trailer compliance with its new mandate - which governs 53-ft. or longer box-type trailers operating in California - at around $2,900 per trailer.
    Yet if fleets achieve gains of 7 to 10[percent] in fuel economy with such devices, CARB figures they'd save $4,000 to $5,700 per year per tractor-trailer combination.

  • Nine Charged in CDL Scam in Pennsylvania

    A U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania charged nine defendants with knowingly producing, attempting to produce, conspiring to produce and aiding and abetting the production of false Pennsylvania commercial driver's licenses.

  • Federal Program Helps Interstate Install Aerodynamic Skirts on 2,058 Trailers

    After several years of testing showed trailer side skirts save considerable fuel and therefore cut exhaust emissions from tractors that pull them, Interstate Distributor Co. has begun installing them on 2,058 reefers and dry vans at its maintenance facilities in the Pacific Northwest. ...
    "We've tested the side skirts for the past few years and have seen a 3 to 5 percent improvement in fuel economy depending upon the route and the speed we're traveling," [Lee] Owens [senior vice president of maintenance and facilities] said. "The higher the average speed, the better the performance. We also tested durability - a huge factor for us in deciding which side skirts to purchase. We chose the Freight Wing product because it was more resilient than others we tested."

  • Delaware OKs driving ban during emergencies

    Snowstorms that make travel in Delaware a hairy ordeal could result in hefty fines for truckers and other drivers who white-knuckle their way along roadways.
    Gov. Jack Markell has signed into law a bill that creates a three-tier system. It is intended to curb drivers when heavy snow falls in the state. Previously SB306, the new law takes effect Oct. 30.
    Offenders of the second and third tiers would face up to $115 fines. Repeat offenders would need to pay up to $200 with the possibility of spending between 10 and 30 days in the clink.
    Employers are forbidden from "any adverse employment action against an employee" who is refusing to violate the law and who hasn't been given a waiver.

  • TransCore Survey: Using Load Boards Pays Off

    Carriers using load boards for more than 40 percent of their loads can earn an additional $800 per truck every month, according to TransCore's 2010 Carrier Benchmark Survey of more than 500 fleets.
    Of the companies surveyed, 60 percent said they had 10 or fewer trucks, and 87 percent reported having 50 or fewer.
    For frequent load board users, with 40 percent or more of their loads coming from load boards, their revenue per mile in 2010 averaged 3 cents more than less frequent users, and they averaged 309 more load miles per truck every month compared to less frequent users.

  • North Carolina I-95 proposal includes tolling

    In North Carolina, the state Department of Transportation continues to discuss what improvements residents would like to see done to Interstate 95.
    The latest in a series of public meetings dubbed "Driving 95. What's Your View" was scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 19, in Smithfield, NC. Discussion focused on possible improvements to I-95 and how to pay for them. Among the options being discussed are public-private partnerships and local sales taxes.
    Some state officials are pushing for conversion of the interstate into a toll road. But opposition groups are forming up - including one spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce in Roanoke Rapids. Roanoke Rapids is a community on I-95 near the Virginia state line.

  • Drug, alcohol strike force nets more than 100 bus, truck drivers

    An early summer "strike force" targeting drug and alcohol violations by bus and truck drivers resulted in 109 drivers being removed from the road.
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's annual drug and alcohol strike force sweep took place June 21 through July 2.
    FMCSA confirmed to Land Line that of the 109 drivers FMCSA officials took off the road, 100 were truck drivers. Of the 100 drivers, 16 had hazmat endorsements with four of those drivers operating a hazmat vehicle at the time of the crackdown.

  • Truckload Carrier Takes Advantage of DERA Funds For Side Skirts

    ...Tacoma, Wash.-based Interstate Distributor Co. will install 2,058 Freight Wing Aeroflex side skirts at its maintenance facilities. Interstate is a truckload carrier, with a fleet of more than 2,000 tractors and 6,800 trailers.
    "We've tested the side skirts for the past few years and have seen up to a 5 percent improvement in fuel economy depending upon the route and the speed we're traveling," said Lee Owens, senior vice president of maintenance and facilities for Interstate. "The higher the average speed, the better the performance. We also tested durability - a huge factor for us in deciding which side skirts to purchase. We chose the Freight Wing product because it was more resilient than others we tested."
    The side skirts are constructed of durable plastic panels, combined with a flexible bracing system designed to absorb and deflect both ground and side impacts.
    The Aeroflex side skirts reduce aerodynamic drag by preventing wind from hitting the trailer's wheels and axles, said Sean Graham, president of Freight Wing. They have been SmartWay verified and tested to increase fuel economy by 7 percent in independent SAE/TMC J1321 track testing conducted by Energotest 2008.
    According to PPRC, the Interstate project is expected to save 1.1 million gallons of diesel a year, over 16 million gallons over the lifespan of the skirts, while preventing 182,633 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • SuperTurbo Project Could Increase Fuel Economy 5-7[percent]

    An easily-missed announcement of a joint development program between Cummins and a start-up, VanDyne SuperTurbo, points the way to a future technology that could result in as much as 7 percent fuel savings for heavy trucks. The agreement is part of the Super Truck program, a cost-sharing initiative between the Department of Energy and the private sector.

  • Glacier Bay adds shore power option to ClimaCab APU

    UNION CITY, Cal. -- Glacier Bay has announced it has added shore power capability to its ClimaCab electric auxiliary power unit (APU). With the shore power option, drivers are able to keep cab temperatures comfortable as long as they want while recharging the ClimaCab and truck batteries.

  • Nova Scotia rebate program deadline extended, cap lifted

    HALIFAX, N.S. -- Conserve Nova Scotia has extended the deadline and removed the funding cap for a Class 8 fuel efficiency rebate program. Nova Scotia fleets and owner/ops now have until Sept. 30 to file for their share of the funding. They can secure a rebate covering 20-40[percent] of the cost of qualifying fuel-saving equipment, such as anti-idling devices, aerodynamic fairings, low rolling resistance tires and tire pressure monitoring and inflation systems. To be eligible, the equipment must be EPA SmartWay-verified.

  • VAT also slapped on Coastal Road toll

    MANILA, Philippines - The government will impose Value-Aded Tax (VAT) on toll along the Manila-Cavite expressway, also known as Coastal Road, starting Monday.
    Under the new rate, class 1 vehicles would have to pay P25, up from P22. Class 2 vehicles, (light trucks and buses) would be charged P48 from P45, and Class 3 vehicles (heavy and multi-wheeler trucks) P78 from P73.

  • Trucking customers have questions as IdleAire reopens at four locations

    IdleAire Inc., has reopened four sites recently, with three more locations scheduled to reopen this week. Meanwhile, many former IdleAire customers are wondering if their accounts will be reactivated or if they will be reimbursed for money they still had on their cards when the company abruptly closed back in January.

  • IdleAire begins rollout in limited return to service

    IdleAire was founded a decade ago to provide heat, air conditioning, Internet and satellite TV through a console that fits in the driver's window of tractor-trailers at commercial truck stops. The technology allows truckers to turn off their truck engines when they stop to rest, reducing fuel consumption and diesel exhaust emmissions.
    A related article is here:

  • Ground transportation costs continue rise in May: report

    The cost of ground transportation for Canadian shippers continued to increase in May, according to reports published this week by the Canadian General Freight Index.
    Overall freight costs increased by 3 in May when compared to April. Base rates, which exclude the impact of fuel surcharges assessed by carriers, also increased by 2.7 with average fuel surcharges increasing by 2.9 from the prior month.

  • Navistar's eStar all-electric truck is ready to roll

    Following a production kick-off at the Wakarusa, Ind. plant in May and introductory launch events in Portland, Ore., and Sacramento, Calif., in May and June, Navistar officials say the eStar all-electric truck is generating significant interest in the marketplace.

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