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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #013, 2010-08-06
August 06, 2010

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter
August 2010 -- Issue #013

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Restaurant Reviews

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Shower Reviews

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Fuel Island Reviews

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Truckers' Savings Blog

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Below are the "bloglets" (from newest to oldest) we have published on our Truckers' Savings Blog since our last email newsletter. They contain the titles and snippets of articles together with links to the original sources so that you can learn more. Each of these entries was originally accompanied by a link so that readers could read the entire article. (To get the link, subscribe to our news feed to get bloglets as they are sent.)

Through this blog, we send news about opportunities for saving money or getting rebates; share articles revealing how drivers saved money or lost money (as examples to learn from); and alert drivers to situations to be aware of that could cost them money.

  • Wyoming newspaper poll: Toll the truckers

    According to a newspaper poll in Wyoming, out-of-state truckers should be forced to pay a toll to drive on Interstate 80. OOIDA leadership says the poll indicates the amount of misinformation out there in regard to the taxes that truckers already pay. ... "To a larger degree, politicians are also in the dark about the extent to which truckers - even out-of-state truckers - contribute to states' highway revenues even when they're not base-plated in that particular state." [OOIDA Director of Legislative Affairs Mike] Joyce said interstate truckers pay state fuel taxes on every mile that they run in each state. ...

  • Truck group rolls out tanker safety vid

    The American Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has just released an extremely engaging and helpful 10-minute video about how to avoid cargo-tank rollovers. ...

  • Aluminum Use on Trucks Can Result in Payload, Fuel Savings

    Switching to high strength, low weight aluminum in Class 8 trucks and trailers can eliminate 3,300 pounds from the vehicle weight and save as much as 1,612 gallons of fuel and 17.9 tons of carbon dioxide per year, according to a report released by Ricardo Inc. If this were applied to the U.S.'s two million Class 8 vehicles on the roads, this could save 1 billion gallons of diesel and 10 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. ... In addition to the impact of weight savings alone, the study analyzed the combination of weight savings and aerodynamic drag reduction. When combining the weight reduction potential available with an 8 percent improvement in aerodynamic drag, the overall fuel economy improvement for an aluminum-intense vehicle relative to the conventional vehicle was as high as 8.2 percent. ...

  • Truck toll would be $20 or more to cross I-95 bridge

    The governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey say the replacement of the Scudder Falls Bridge on Interstate 95 will be a public-private partnership and will carry tolls of $4 per axle for commercial vehicles. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced Friday, July 30, that the two states are pursuing the first ever multistate public-private partnership for a bridge. As the plan is laid out, a five-axle truck would be charged $20 while passenger vehicles would be charged between $1 and $2. All of this stands to play out on a bridge that is not currently tolled, which is sure to attract opposition. To add fuel to the opponents' fire, a spokesman for Rendell told Land Line Now on Wednesday that the states and the local bridge authority are proceeding with the project and do not require tolling authority from the Federal Highway Administration. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is calling the toll scheme "seriously misguided." ...

  • Panel says tolls 'essential' for I-5 bridge

    A panel appointed by the governors of Washington and Oregon says tolling is "essential" to the success of a proposed Columbia River bridge linking the two states on Interstate 5. The public has a chance to comment on the proposal during a meeting scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 5. This is a project that officials say could require the existing I-5 bridge linking Vancouver and Portland to be tolled to help fund the $3 billion to $4 billion replacement bridge. Officials have also suggested tolls on the existing I-205 bridge as a way to capture more revenue by eliminating a toll-free alternative. ...

  • TravelCenters Upgrades Truckstop Showers

    TravelCenters of America has recently renovated driver showers at its TA and Petro Shopping Center locations with new amenities. TA and Petro showers now have new adjustable shower heads with improved water spray, new cloth floor mats, new liquid soap and shampoo dispensers, decor baskets, large signature orange towels and other amenities. ... To review a truck stop shower, complete and submit the form on:

  • The True Costs of Congestion

    Truckload carrier Jet Express hauls dedicated, closed-loop freight, and has to give customers updates on delivery times every two hours. If Jet Express doesn't communicate with customers on a late shipment, the company has to shell out $15,000 for every 15 minutes of lateness - or $60,000 per hour, says President Kevin Burch. ... In addition to the costs associated with a late delivery, a truck stuck in a congested bottleneck or an urban area can take a toll in other ways. For one, fleets have to deal with the additional fuel costs that add up from trucks idling in traffic. The Texas Transportation Institute estimated that in 2007, passenger cars and trucks wasted about 2.8 billion gallons of fuel, enough to fill 56 super-tankers. Carriers also lose out on productive labor time, as drivers are also sitting idle on the road waiting for traffic to clear up. TTI says overall, congestion costs the country 4.2 billion hours of work time, or nearly one full work week for every traveler per year. Add up all wasted fuel and lost productivity, and congestion cost the nation $87.2 billion in 2007 alone. Darrin Roth, director of highway operations for ATA, says the trucking industry alone loses about $19 billion a year in fuel, equipment expenses and labor efficiency related to congestion. According to ATA's research arm, the American Transportation Research Institute, the total cost of running a truck is $83.68 per hour, or $1.73 per mile. Top costs include diesel fuel/oil, driver wages and truck/trailer lease or purchase payments. When a truck is stuck in traffic, these costs can add up. ...

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls to increase

    For the third time since January 2009, toll rates on the Pennsylvania Turnpike are going up to meet the demands of a state law that allows the money to be diverted to mass transit and other projects. Truckers with E-ZPass will pay 3 percent more while cash customers will see their rates jump 10 percent. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission voted for the increases earlier this week, which take effect Jan. 2, 2011. The current toll for a truck weighing 60,000 to 80,000 pounds traveling the full 357 miles from Ohio to New Jersey is $137.80 with E-ZPass or $153.25 cash. With the new rate applied, a full-length trip becomes $141.93 with E-ZPass or $168.57 in cash. About 1.2 million vehicles use E-ZPass on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Officials say the 2011 toll schedule is an incentive for more drivers to use electronic system, which is available in 14 Northeast states. ...

  • Delaware bill would implement driving ban during emergencies

    Snowstorms that make travel in Delaware a hairy ordeal could soon result in hefty fines for truckers and other drivers braving the roadways. A bill on its way to Gov. Jack Markell's desk for his signature creates a three-tier system to curb drivers when heavy snow falls in the state. House lawmakers unanimously approved the bill a week after the Senate voted 21-0 in favor of it. ... The final tier would be an all-out driving ban. Only essential personnel, such as first responders and snowplow operators, would be allowed to brave roadways. Offenders of the second and third tiers would face up to $115 fines. Repeat offenders would need to pay up to $200 with the possibility of spending between 10 and 30 days in the clink. ...

  • California bill clears path for toll lanes on 91 Freeway

    A bill on the move in the California Assembly is intended to clear any legal hurdles for Riverside County's project to build toll lanes on state Route 91. The Assembly Transportation Committee unanimously approved a bill that would allow the Riverside County Transportation Commission to use a new way to complete major expansion on the 91 Freeway. ...

  • California bill would increase distracted driving penalties

    Motorists who cannot resist the lure of communicating on their cell phone while driving down the road soon could be digging deeper into their pockets for their indiscretion. ... Offenders would pay $50 for breaking the rule - up from $20. Repeat offenders would face $100 fines - double the existing $50 fine. Local county fees can result in penalties that are more than triple the amount. ...

  • Another speed limiter ticket bites the dust

    ...An Ontario Provincial prosecutor refused to follow through on charges against a trucker for not being "equipped with a working speed limiting system" set at the mandated limit of 105 km/h. The lease operator received the ticket at a MTO scale in Dryden, Ont. last October and opted to fight the $315 fine. ... The driver claims that the procedure did damage the computer and it had to be replaced at a cost of $650 plus installation. ...

  • Frito-Lay puts all-electric truck to work

    ...Frito-Lay driver Jay McAughey has been delivering Sun Chips around Mississauga in an all-electric Smith truck. The truck, designed in Europe but manufactured in Kansas City, is the first of six that Frito-Lay will be taking into its Canadian fleet over the next few months. The zero-emission Smith is the largest plug-in-battery electric truck in the world, and Frito-Lay's version has a GVW of about 16,000 lb.; a top speed of about 80 km/h (plenty for moving potato chips around the GTA); and a range of about 160 km on a single charge. ... Frito-Lay's Sustainability Leader Helmi Ansari says the truck will use about $400 worth of electricity in a year; compared with the average $10,000 worth of gas that most of their delivery trucks consume. ...

  • Pollution Rules Impact Idling Of Big Rigs

    New rules aimed at curbing air pollution in North Carolina will limit the time that drivers of many heavy-duty trucks and other large vehicles can idle their engines. ... "The Division of Air Quality plans to focus on education and outreach, and we dont plan to start assessing fines initially. Eventually, the rule will be enforced on a complaint-driven basis, similar to the state open-burning rule. That is, we won't be driving around looking for violators - and we don't have enough staff to do that - but will respond to complaints that we receive from citizens," Mather said. ...

  • Open road tolling set to begin Saturday on Miami's SR 874 and SR 878

    [On] July 17, Open Road Tolling (ORT) [began] on the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority's (MDX) SR 874/Don Shula Expressway and SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway. With ORT, overhead gantries will automatically collect a toll based on distance traveled eliminating the need for conventional toll plazas. ...

  • Navistar boasts 'fluid efficiency' over competitors in on-road testing

    Navistar Inc. said Monday that "fluid efficiency" and not "fuel efficiency" should be the correct term when comparing 2010 engine technology and that its ProStar+ and MaxxForce 13 EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) 2010 engine beat competitors in third-party, on-road testing. ... "Until recently," said Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice president, North American sales operations, "comparisons of Class 8 trucks were centered on fuel economy ... However today, with different trucks offering different technologies for 2010 emissions, fuel economy doesn't tell the whole story. Competitors' trucks offer a liquid urea SCR solution and like diesel fuel, liquid urea costs money." ...

  • Weigh Cool

    ..."This is an exceptional piece of infrastructure -- it has a technology that we're using that's called 'weigh-in-motion' and what it allows for, we actually have a pad that's built right into the highway that allows trucks to be weighed as they continue along the highway." "So they're weighed and measured while they're at their highway speed," says Bond. "And you can imagine the enormous savings of time, (it's) way more efficient for the trucker, a lot more efficient for the people who are following those big trucks up and down the highways, but, most importantly, there's also a significant reduction in greenhouse gases (as the trucks don't have to gear down and stop, then start back up again)."

  • States with a 2010 Tax Free Weekend

    While most often thought of regarding back-to-school purchases, some states allow sales on certain items without paying sales tax during their tax free weekend. Assuming the state where you make purchases allows it to be sold tax-free at this time and you need an item and the item is sold at a good price, you can save a good bit. At least one state allows tax-free sales on clothing, footwear and computers this coming weekend, August 6-8. Click the link to see the list of states that have such an event this year.

  • ATRI adds 3 new idling regulations to updated list of rules

    The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has added three new idling regulations to its updated listing of state and local idling regulations on its website ...

  • California bill intended to reform red-light cam use

    ... Opponents of red-light cameras, including the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, welcome efforts to rein in use of the enforcement tool. They question the claim that cameras are solely intended to keep people safe. OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer says the revenue enticement for communities is obvious when reviewing how much money the cameras generate. ...

  • Washington, DC, region campaign to reduce diesel idling begins

    Truck and bus drivers can be fined for up to $25,000 for violating Virginia's 10-minute diesel idling limit, and can be fined $1,000 for idling beyond three minutes in Washington DC. Truckers often have good reasons to idle, and should be encouraged to purchase key-off power technology with a carrot, rather than a stick, approach, OOIDA argues. ... "Paramount to this discussion is safety on our highways, and safety begins with the ability of a trucker to rest," [Mike Joyce, OOIDA legislative affairs director] said. "When it's 100 degrees outside, it's 120 degrees in their truck. We've got to provide opportunities for truckers to rest and comply with hours of service, and to help the environment." ...

  • New Georgia law covers multiple truck issues

    Truck drivers are the focus of a new Georgia law. It addresses indemnification agreements, idling reduction and saddlemounts. ... Another change made in Georgia law increases actual gross weight, single axle weight, tandem axle weight, or the allowed weight on any group of two or more axles. As is the case in 44 other states, trucks equipped with auxiliary power units would be authorized to weigh up to an additional 400 pounds. Supporters, including OOIDA, said the weight exemption removes one disincentive that otherwise could keep truckers from using APUs. They said a reduction of 400 pounds in cargo is a factor in the loss of hauling potential and represents an economic deterrent for using these units. ...

  • Truckers oppose congestion tolls on Chicago roadways

    Truckers have been paying variable rates to run Chicago area tollways for a few years, but a new study suggests the state could implement congestion tolls on other roadways, including some currently toll-free lanes. The study commissioned by the Illinois Tollway Authority and the Metropolitan Planning Council suggests that congestion pricing could be implemented on seven miles of the existing reversible lanes on the Kennedy Expressway. The Kennedy is part of I-90/I-94, which means any toll scheme would have to meet federal approval. Don Schaefer, executive vice president of the Mid-West Truckers Association, says any toll scheme involving existing highway capacity is going to meet with opposition. "I think they would find a ton of opposition to it, not just from the trucking industry but from the motoring public," Schaefer told Land Line on Wednesday, July 14. ...

  • Be Safe While Driving Your Truck Over July 4th Weekend

    #trucker #trucking #transportation Review tips we sent for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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