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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #012, 2010-07-02
July 02, 2010

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter
July 2010 -- Issue #012

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Below are the "bloglets" (from newest to oldest) we have published on our Truckers' Savings Blog since our last email newsletter. They contain the titles and snippets of articles together with links to the original sources so that you can learn more. Each of these entries was accompanied by a link so that readers could read the entire article.

Through this blog, we send news about opportunities for saving money or getting rebates; share articles revealing how drivers saved money or lost money (as examples to learn from); and alert drivers to situations to be aware of that could cost them money.

  • July 1st laws cover heavy trucks, ticket quotas and indemnification:
    On Thursday, July 1, a variety of new state laws that affect truckers are slated to be implemented. Among them are laws that allow heavier trucks, prohibit indemnification agreements and ticket quotas. ... Also taking effect in the Sunshine State is a rule allowing a weight allowance for auxiliary power units. The maximum gross vehicle, axle weight limit is being increased for large trucks equipped with idle-reduction technology. Trucks equipped with APUs will be authorized to weigh up to an additional 400 pounds. ...

  • Vacu-Lug new retread tyres saves 9 [percent] on fuel costs
    According to the Vacu-Lug their new Duramold retread tyres can help reduce a fleet operators fuel consumption by as much as nine per cent. ... Tim Hercock, Vacu-Lug Tyres MD, says: "A reduction of 10 [percent] of rolling resistance on a complete vehicle results in a 3 [percent] reduction in fuel consumption. Therefore, if the potential 30 [percent] improvement, as determined in the laboratory, is translated through the use of the above formula, operators could theoretically see fuel consumption decrease by as much as 9 [percent]." ...

  • Freightliner showcases hybrids at renewable energy event
    Freightliner Trucks showcased a pair of hybrids at the first Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium, held in early June in Fort Bliss, Texas. ...

  • Louisville bridges may be tolled to pay for new projects
    A bridge authority in Louisville, KY, has requested authority from the federal government to convert three existing bridges into tollways. Opposition to the proposal continues to swell. ... Louisville resident Shawn Reilly, founder of a group called Say No to Bridge Tolls, says he and others who are opposed to the idea of tolls will be in attendance. "Our opposition is with tolls on the existing infrastructure on three existing bridges," Reilly told Land Line Magazine. "For truckers, if you're looking at going from Indianapolis to Nashville, you go through Louisville ... The new bridges would have tolls on them as well, so there would be no choice for anyone crossing the river." ...

  • Creative trucker beats speed-limiter ticket in Canada
    Persistence and creativity have paid off so far for trucker Lee Ingratta. The one-truck owner-operator from Gravenhurst, Ontario, has captured the attention of the trucking community for the method he used to beat a ticket for an alleged violation of the provincial law that requires trucks to be equipped with speed-limiting devices. ...

  • If you're a trucker who has used Truckers Assist, help your fellow truckers by reviewing it online:

  • Are you a trucker using Cyber Clean(R)? Submit a product review online.
    How valuable in truck cleanliness is it?

  • New York bill would offer incentive to reduce idling
    Truckers wouldn't have to sacrifice payload for cab comfort if a bill nearing passage in the New York Senate advances to the governor's desk. Other states have also acted recently to authorize the incentive. Awaiting a vote on the Senate floor, the Assembly-approved bill would increase the weight limit for large trucks equipped with idle-reduction technology. Commercial vehicles equipped with auxiliary power units would be authorized to weigh up to an additional 400 pounds. ...

  • Truck tolls to soar next two years in San Fran
    One year from now, truckers will pay significantly more to cross certain bridges in the San Francisco area. The current toll of $11.25 for a five-axle vehicle will increase 60 percent to $18 in 2011 and another 39 percent to $25 in 2012. ...

  • Truck electricity services expand
    Several companies are providing truck electrification services in a market boosted by recent government grants, new or stricter idling laws and trucker demand. Each company offers some electrification service, such as heating and cooling, but what and how they offer services varies and can include Internet, cable and block heater power. ...

  • Snow-free vehicle mandate passes in Connecticut
    Connecticut is the latest state to pass legislation intended to get tough with drivers who fail to clear snow and ice off their vehicles. The rule applies to commercial and non-commercial vehicles. Despite opposition from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and countless truck drivers, Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed into law a bill that permits police to pull over drivers whose vehicles are not cleared of snow or ice. The Association and professional drivers have long opposed what they say is a law that sets truckers up to fail. ... As a result, once the rule is implemented, violators would face $75 fines for failure to clear the wintry precipitation from their vehicles. The fine would increase to as much as $1,000 for motorists if snow and ice breaks free and results in injury or damage to another vehicle. The same circumstances would result in truck drivers facing fines up to $1,250. ...

  • NHTSA to evaluate fuel efficiency proposal for trucks
    The DOT's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking input and public comments on the possible environmental effects of President Obama's proposed fuel-efficiency standard for heavy trucks. ...

  • Maryland tolls to vary with traffic volume
    Five-axle trucks will be charged $1.50 per mile during peak times once the Intercounty Connector opens later this year in Maryland. But there's also a catch. The agency operating the tollway can adjust rates on just 10 days notice to meet revenue projections. ... Five-axle trucks will pay $8.50 during peak times, $6.80 during off-peak times, and $3.40 overnight. Click here to view the rate chart, and make sure to read the fine print. Back in the fall of 2009, officials reviewed studies and estimated they could charge between $1.50 and $2.10 per mile for heavy trucks during peak times. Even though the agency's introductory toll rate is at the lower end of that spectrum, it may not stay there for long. ...

  • Low carbon standard could hike gas and diesel prices 80 percent, study shows
    The imposition of a nationwide Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) would boost average U.S. gasoline and diesel prices by as much as 80 percent within five years of the start of the program and up to 170 percent within 10 years, according to a study issued Thursday by Charles River Associates. Assuming a nationwide LCFS program is implemented in 2015 with gasoline prices at today's level, this would result in an average national price for gasoline of nearly $5 per gallon in 2020 and close to $7.50 a gallon by 2025, the study showed. ...

  • Bureau Offers Free Tyre Safety Pack To Truckers
    The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau are so concerned by the casual attitude of many freight and delivery drivers to the maintenance of their tyres (OK tires in their case) that they are offering a free pack of useful information including tips on how to properly maintain your tyres including a CD and DVD. The Bureau understands the difficulties in accurately checking the condition and pressures on a full set of eighteen wheels but point out the dangers of not doing so. Interested drivers can obtain their free pack by e mailing or ringing toll free from the US and Canada on 888-473-8732. ...

  • Md. announces toll rates for Intercounty Connector
    Rush-hour drivers on the first segment of the Intercounty Connector will pay about 25 cents a mile to use the highway when the road opens later this year, and truckers will pay more than a dollar a mile. ... Maryland Motor Truck Association President Louis Campion said the reaction of truckers would vary, depending on their operating expenses. A moving van carrying three or four employees might use the ICC to cut time that otherwise would be spent in traffic on the Beltway, he said. But a long-haul trucker carrying no passengers would do the math differently and might stay off the toll road, he said. ...

  • Peterbilt delivers first tractor with PACCAR MX engine
    Peterbilt Motors Co. Thursday celebrated an historic milestone with the delivery of the first 2010 EPA certified PACCAR MX engine. ... The MX engine has a horsepower range of 380hp-485hp and torque outputs up to 1,750 lb-ft with a displacement of 12.9 liters. This power range, combined with excellent fuel efficiency, high reliability, durability, lightweight design and low cost of ownership makes the MX an ideal choice for both over-the-road and vocational applications, Jackson said. ...

  • Man driving Honda tries to race 18-wheeler
    Drag racing on the streets usually involves two mid-sized or compact cars, but Tuesday afternoon, a Slidell policemen cited the drivers of a Honda Accord and an 18-wheeler [Kenworth] tanker truck for drag racing down Old Spanish Trail. ... Both men were cited for drag racing. According to state law, the first violation for drag racing is a $175 fine or a 30 days in jail or both. ...

  • Yokohama names truck tire giveaway winner
    Yokohama Tire Corp. has awarded eight Yokohama 703ZL drive tires and two Yokohama 101ZL steer tires to an Ohio trucker as part of a recent giveaway. Bill Britton of Orwell, Ohio, entered the contest at the Mid-America Trucking Show, which was held this past March. ...

  • 28th Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs(R) Rolls into Historic Lexington, Va.
    ... The 28th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs(R) competition will be held June 10-12 at the LEE HI Travel Plaza, 2516 North Lee Highway, Lexington, Va. The Shell Rotella SuperRigs(R) competition is the premier truck beauty contest for actively working trucks. Owner/operator truckers from across the United States and Canada will compete for cash and prizes valued at approximately $25,000. ...

  • West Virginia 'anti-idling' rules take effect June 11
    A new rule that takes effect this week in West Virginia is intended to reduce the frequency of unnecessary idling of trucks. Starting Friday, June 11, the anti-idling rule will apply to diesel-powered vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Affected vehicles will be limited to idling for no more than 15 minutes per hour. Violators would face fines between $150 and $300. ...

  • Florida law authorizes heavier trucks, APU exemption
    ... Also included in the bill - HB1271 - is a provision allowing a weight allowance for auxiliary power units. The maximum gross vehicle, axle weight limits will be increased for large trucks equipped with idle-reduction technology. Trucks equipped with APUs would be authorized to weigh up to an additional 400 pounds. OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer says the weight exemption removes the disincentive that otherwise would keep truckers from using APUs. A state analysis showed that adopting the weight exemption creates greater uniformity between federal and state law. The change is important to trucks and "would assist regulatory officials by preventing enforcement ambiguities that could cause problems for drivers during inspections." ...

  • Owner-ops challenge EOBR rule in court
    ... OOIDA says that before FMCSA moves forward with a broader mandate, it must consider the costs, regulatory burden and whether the devices have any "real effectiveness" on highway safety. "We're laying down a marker in the court and saying 'show it, prove it,'" said OOIDA executive VP Todd Spencer. ...

  • Only 4 of inspections random, says report
    RAIR (Record Auditing Imaging and Retrieval) reports that many roadside inspections are triggered by controllable behaviors such as improper lane changes, speeding and visible maintenance problems. They say that by avoiding these behaviors drivers are more likely to avoid inspections Regarding CSA 2010, keeping down the number of inspections is crucial because inspections lead to the identification of more violations and violations raise ISS-D (Inspection Selection System with Driver Conviction Data) scores, which lead to even more inspections, states RAIR. ...

  • Road Check 2010 Begins, Some Drivers Say Troopers are too Picky 6/7/10
    ... But some drivers say this hyped-up event is just a quick way to bring in income, "Honestly, I think that it's income, it's revenues, because they check a lot of things that they know they can find something wrong with no matter how new the truck is, or how well it is taken care of." Said 6-year driver Robert Cliett, who was passing through Odessa today. Last year troopers took 22 percent of the vehicles they inspected, off the roads for violations, but veteran trucker McElroy supports the check saying, "I think it's important, it's not a hassle, it's not a 30 minute deal, and if you keep your truck up, you don't have anything to worry about." ...

  • Toll increases cause West Virginia Turnpike budget to grow
    ... Back in July 2009, tolls for five-axle trucks increased from $4.75 to $6.25 on the West Virginia Turnpike while tolls for passenger vehicles increased from $1.25 to $2. OOIDA leadership called it "a terrible time to raise tolls" and said more trucks would be taking to secondary roadways to avoid the tolls. ...

  • CVSA Roadcheck June 8-10
    ... The primary reasons cited by inspectors for placing vehicles and drivers out of service continue to be brakes and logbooks, respectively. ...

  • Kansas passes tax, fee increases for transportation
    ... The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association adamantly opposes the conversion of non-tolled roads into toll facilities. ... Also drawing truckers' attention is a plan to increase annual registration fees for large trucks by $135. In 2013, the fee would increase from $1,735 to $1,820. A year later the fee would rise to $1,870. Vehicles weighing less than 12,000 pounds would not pay more. ...

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