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Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, Issue #010, 2010-05-07
May 07, 2010

Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter
May 2010 -- Issue #010

At, we provide real world tips that help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

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With your help, we're looking to expand our website to provide money saving information on lots of different topics, information that provides tangible value to you and other professional drivers everywhere.

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Through our Twitter account, we publish a "Truck Drivers Money Saving Tip" on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and a "Truck Drivers Money Saving Inquiry" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Review what we have published so far.

Reviews Requested and Completed

We are seeking these kinds of reviews on our site:

We continue the process of providing reviews of showers at truck stops, travel stops and travel centers (listed in order of the date reviewed):

We have also begun the process of reviewing truck stop restaurants:

Please be aware that we perform reviews based on our own personal set of expectations. Frankly, since professional truck drivers work hard, we expect a lot. For example, in order for you to get a shower credit, you had to drive a lot of miles to burn a lot of fuel to go get more. So, you deserve a high quality shower facility and experience.

We fully recognize that what one driver expects, another may not and vice versa. If you disagree with our review, please feel free to submit one of your own. (Please note that reviews must be submitted by those currently employed as professional truck drivers.)

Truckers' Savings Blog

Below are the "bloglets" (from newest to oldest) we have published on our Truckers' Savings Blog since our last email newsletter. They contain the titles and snippets of articles -- almost always geared specifically for professional truck drivers -- together with links to the original sources so that you can learn more. Each of these entries was followed by a shortened URL link and instructions to "[Click link for rest of article]." Occasionally, we alert readers to articles about situations in which drivers saved money or lost money, as examples to learn from.

  • Psych Study: When You're Bummed, You're More Likely to Buy
    ... Individuals whose self-worth was harmed sought affirmation in high-status goods.
    The takeaway: Don't go shopping when you're depressed. ...

  • Kenworth rebate for OBAC members
    ... The Kenworth program offers rebates up to US$1,500 to active OBAC members on qualifying purchases of new Kenworth trucks ordered between April 15 and Dec. 31. Buyers must show their OBAC membership card to their Kenworth dealer at time of purchase. ...

  • New tire pressure monitoring sensor from Stemco
    ... "Improperly inflated tires reduce tire life and can decrease fuel efficiency by as much as three percent," says Bob Montgomery, vp fleet information systems for Stemco. "Low tire pressure also leads directly to premature tire failure and irregular wear, both of which can be safety hazards - especially on the steer tire. ..."

  • Empty Miles Program: A Win-Win Collaboration Between Shippers And Trucking Companies
    ... The site matches a company's trucks that are returning empty with another company's potential cargo that can be collected and delivered along the return route, thereby saving money, generating revenue and reducing fuel consumption for participating companies. ...

  • COMPETITION WATCH: TransForce earnings improve on cost-reduction efforts
    Cost reductions and improved efficiences allowed TransForce to improve its first quarter earnings. ...

  • Study reveals benefits of sleep apnea treatment
    Proper treatment for sleep apnea in truckers reduces health costs and increases health and safety benefits, according to a new study published by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. ... Don Osterberg, VP of safety and training recently told Today's Trucking that in the first phase of the study preventable crashes were reduced by 30 percent; median cost of crashes (how the carrier monitors high-severity crashes) dropped by 48 percent; retention improved by 60 percent; and healthcare savings averaged $539 per driver. ...

  • American carriers reject VMT tax plans
    ... The National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission last year recommended that the U.S. shift to a mileage-based usage fee by 2020. Both the ATA and the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association were quick to voice their opposition. ...

  • Kenworth offers rebates to OBAC members
    Kenworth is offering Owner-Operator's Business Association of Canada (OBAC) members rebates of up to US$1,500 towards the purchase of qualifying Kenworth trucks in 2010.

  • Iowa governor signs bill allowing heavier trucks
    ... [OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd] Spencer pointed out that the roads these heaviest trucks will be running on weren't built for vehicles carrying that much weight. Resulting problems will include premature highway deterioration, increased maintenance costs and safety concerns. He said there is a harsh reality awaiting highway users. "It won't be long until the locals and others will be screaming about bigger trucks running on local roads, skinny highways and even residential areas and school zones. The result is likely to be increased enforcement, increased harassment and eventually considerably higher fees on all trucks." ...

  • Canadian owner-op says speed limiters unsafe on downhill grades
    ... Mooney said the situation could occur if a trucker experiences "brake fade" while on a downhill grade and while the limiter is set at or near the regular operating speed for the truck. Under those conditions, Mooney says the RPMs will fall, reducing the trucker's ability to shift to lower gears or employ the engine brake. "Once this happens, the truck will continue to accelerate out of speed control until it either reaches an incline, eventually slowing the truck, or by striking anything in the path of the truck, ending in a wreck," Mooney stated in a press release and in a message to members of his Facebook group, Drivers Against Speed Limiter Legislation. ...

  • EXCLUSIVE: Trucker says he was ticketed for using CB in Ont.
    ... But in the end, the officer who pulled Christie over didn't issue him a speeding ticket. Since the trucker had admitted to using his CB from behind the wheel, the OPP officer issued Christie a $150 ticket for using a hand-held communication device, even though CBs are supposed to be okay under Ontario's new distracted driving laws. ...

  • Road Opens for Diesel Engine Fuel Efficiency in the U.S
    U.S. diesel consumers can now obtain a minimum 5[percent] increase in fuel economy. Panimayo, LLC, a small business pioneering in resource management, proudly announces the official regulatory registration of its premier diesel fuel efficiency product, TriPak Diesel Fuel Conditioner (TriPak). TriPak is a special formulation compounded to ensure compatibility with all types and grades of diesel fuel. In a single, easy-to-use product, TriPak contains an Algaecide, Detergent, Atomizer, Water Separator, Anti-coagulant, and Cetane Booster.

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Reader Submitted Content

We provide on our site numerous opportunities where our readers may contribute tips, share ideas, give opinions, submit reviews or ask questions. We look forward to having your input because our website is designed to help truck drivers save money.

Since our last email newsletter, readers have made these contributions to our site:

We Answer Readers' Questions

We have one form on our site specifically designated as the place where drivers can ask questions: Ask a Question. It was through this page that we recently answered this question:

  • Cash Management
    What is the best way for a company truck driver to pay for things like clothes, food, showers, magazines, etc.? I would like to find a way to carry no money. ...

In the Works!

We have quite a number of articles "in the works" and look forward to finishing and publishing them soon.

We have submitted "interview questions" from which to publish articles from two businesses that cater to professional drivers. We're in the process of finalizing one article and hope to have it finished and published this month.

We plan to contact more businesses that sell products and services to truckers, so that we can find the best money saving opportunities for you.

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Website Update

We have finally completed the conversion of our website from a 2-column format to a 3-column format. We like it a lot better and hope you do. If you have suggestions on how to make our website better, please contact us.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road!

Best regards,
Mike and Vicki Simons

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