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Some truckstops have displays like these for TVC Pro Driver or Truckers Voice in Court (TVC).

Display for TVC, Truckers Voice in Court, at a truckstop. This cabinet serves as a place where a TVC representative can meet with drivers. The small print under the name says, "Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc."
Display for TVC, Truckers Voice in Court, at a truckstop.

This is a close-up of the poster on the cabinet from above which proclaims, "We Win Over 92% of Our Cases!"

The service is said to be in all 50 states and all provinces in Canada.

Then there is a list of benefits or features.

A 24-hour phone number is provided.

Display for TVC, Truckers Voice in Court, at a truckstop. Taking a slightly different tack, TVC Pro-Driver or Truckers Voice in Court exclaims, "We keep you on the road while building retirement."

In looking for information about their plan on their website, we observed that:

  • the links on their website,, go to (possibly for GIG Marketing CDL Defense Experts);
  • there is at least one link (and sometimes two) to merchandise on most of their pages;
  • their Cash Reward Income page talks about a "powerful marketing system" component of their plan; and
  • they have on online store.

Their About Us page states,

"The TVC Pro-Driver and Truckers Voice in Court CDL Experts, are a dynamic group of Professional Independent Consultants providing CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys to Smart CDL Pro-Drivers."'s home page says,

"What really makes us different from all the other Truckers Commercial Drivers Pre-Paid Legal Programs out there is that We donĀ“t just refer drivers to an attorney and give a discount. We are the only ones that can cap off your legal fees up to 100% for CDL Ticket Defense Attorneys to fight CDL Traffic Tickets."

Their Other Protection Plans page lists what those plans are and their costs.

Law enforcement has pulled over a trucker and four-wheeler. Law enforcement has pulled over a professional truck driver.

If you are a professional truck driver and you either currently are -- or within the last 6 months have been -- a member of Truckers Voice in Court (TVC), we invite you to review it on this page through the form below, answering questions such as these:

  • How long have you been a TVC member?
  • If you were but no longer are a TVC member, what factor(s) caused you to leave?
  • What are the top 3 reasons why you became a TVC member?
  • Did you use any of the benefits that TVC offered? If so, which ones?
  • How would you rate the quality of the benefits offered by TVC?
  • Do you think that your TVC membership is/was worth the price you paid for it?
  • How did membership in TVC save you money?
  • Would you become a TVC member again and why?

Did you know that you as a professional truck driver can write a review -- like the one on or linked from this page -- to help other truckers in the worldwide trucking community? You can even earn money in so doing.

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Reviews Other Visitors Have Shared

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Review of Truckers Voice in Court 
I paid into TVC for two yrs . Got a speeding tkt. in Jan. Their lawyer completely botched the paperwork requiring original , not faxed release forms. …

good service repensintation Not rated yet
I have had the service for 1year restricted road got dismissed,not stopping at weigh station dismissed,use of restricted lane reduced to impeding traffic …


TVC: They did nothing, but charge money Not rated yet
This service seamed to me very convenient. Small monthly payment and your problems in court solved. But they do nothing except charging money. I had …

So Far So Good Not rated yet
Note: The following submission has been edited to remove a promotional plug. ----- I joined MCA/TVC in November last year just for the services and …

Additional info to my previous post about TVC Not rated yet
I also wanted to mention that my wife and I have also used the car rental and hotel discounts available on the TVC ProDriver Plan. The discounts range …

Outstanding service and satisfaction with TVC Not rated yet
I have been a member of TVC for approximately 10 years on and off. In 2004, I received a citation in NEW YORK 75 in a 55. TVC attorney got that ticket …

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