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Here's a helpful tip for truckers like me who are bookworms. If you love to read like I do I've found that paperbacks take up tons of space rapidly. You

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Waste of money

Hired them to fight a red light ticket. They charged me almost $400 just to tell me I have to pay another $50 to rehire the attorney on the same case because

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If a fleets gets 'telematics-based discounts', will any of their truckers receive a commensurate pay increase?

Contributing article:

Diesel prices continue to fall, down 5.4 cents

Diesel prices across the U.S. are down 5.4 cents to $2.561, according to the most recent data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This marks the 13th consecutive week that prices have fallen.



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My inverter

Hooked up inverter wires on ATD 1500! I just got in this truck and inverter was already installed just not hooked up! After hooking to power I got a constant

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Truckers, do you sleep in your truck with the doors locked? Why or why not?

Contributing article:

Do all trucking fleets pay for the apps -- and data -- that their truckers use to transmit trip documents?

Contributing article:

NACFE: Tires with low rolling resistance worth the investment

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency has released an in-depth report detailing acceptance and real-world use of low rolling resistance tires.

The report includes Decision Making Tools to help fleets and owner-operators select the best tires for all tractor-trailer positions.

These tools include a Decision Guide with high-level information on general tire details, a total cost of ownership calculator and a Confidence Matrix to help calculate return on investment.

Mike Roeth, NACFE’s executive director noted several findings in the report that challenge many common assumptions regarding low rolling resistance tires today.



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If the USPS has experienced a '20-percent decline' in the 'volume of first-class mail' over the last decade, can 'Same-Day Grocery Delivery' help provide a boost?

Contributing article:

Logging fleet ordered to pay employees, some drivers, $113k in back wages

... The company was also found to have misclassified 46 employees as independent contractors, denying them them certain wages and benefits.



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Truckers hauling refrigerated freight, which of these '7 challenges' has cost you the most money?

Contributing article:

Trucker, if you get a Kenworth with a 'predictive cruise control', would you please review it to report whether or not it delivers 'optimal fuel economy'?

Contributing article:

Review the truck part here

How does Averitt's pay increase stack up to pay at other trucking companies?

Contributing article:

If while in docks, truckers are required to stay in trucks not equipped with an APU and without being able to idle for comfort, how can they keep from getting overheated?

Contributing article:

Study says demand for low cost trucks will grow

Demand for “low cost” trucks – defined as commercial vehicles priced 15% to 25% lower than average units within a specific class – is expected to grow in North America and Western Europe over the next seven years, according to a recent study, as fleets seek ways to trim back equipment expenses.



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If it costs more to insure very young men's personal vehicles, would it cost more to insure the commercial trucks driven by them?

How could this backfire on pay rates for all truckers within such a trucking company?

Contributing article:

Owner-operators, what do you consider to be adequate health insurance coverage and what would convince you to get it?

Contributing article:

Are the new pay rates for ACT company drivers and owner-operators exceptional?

Contributing article:

If truckload rates are 'rising rapidly', are truckers seeing any more money on average in their paychecks?

Contributing article:

Goodyear offering chance win Fuel Max LHS steer tires at GATS

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. said that small fleets and owner-operators who sign up for its Small Fleet program during the 2015 Great American Trucking Show (GATS) will receive the opportunity to win a set of two Goodyear Fuel Max LHS steer tires.

GATS is taking place Aug. 27-29 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.



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Would the possibility of being victimized prevent you from stopping to help someone who appears to be in distress?

Contributing article:

Crime report: Trucker sentenced for transporting minor in prostitution case, another CDL scheme busted

... Driver sentenced for transporting minor across state lines for prostitution

Tony Eugene Wadlow, 56, a truck driver from St. Joseph, Mo., was sentenced to 20 years and 10 months in federal prison without parole after being convicted in trial of transporting a minor across state lines for prostitution.

Wardlow pleaded guilty Feb. 14, 2014 to the charges, and was sentenced on Dec. 17, 2014.



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Stretch of I-65 in Indiana to be closed through September; 8,000 trucks a day rerouted

A northbound segment of Interstate 65 between Lebanon, Ind., and Lafayette, Ind., will be closed through the middle of next month, the Indiana Department of Transportation said this weekend. A 40-mile detour is in place until the state can ensure the bridge spanning the Wildcat Creek near Lafayette is structurally sound.



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What solution would you propose to keep professional truck drivers from smashing into the London Bridge?

Contributing article:

Great Cooker, except...

The cooler works great. We have made dozens of recipes from pasta to stuffed pork chops to boxed muffins. The non stick is awesome. The only problem is

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Oakland Port Proposes Trucking Fees to Fight Congestion

Terminal operators at the Port of Oakland plan to start charging trucking companies to move containers during peak times in an attempt to alleviate congestion.

The proposal, which federal regulators are currently evaluating, is facing criticism from large retailers, farmers and other companies that rely on the port for imports and exports and could end up paying millions of dollars to move cargo. ...



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How much 'sightseeing' do you get to do as a truck driver? Does this article minimize the work involved?

Contributing article:

[Jamaica] Truckers want toll hike exemption

The All Island Truckers' Association wants the North-South Highway Company to consider exempting them from the proposed toll increases.

The company has written to the government requesting toll increases of up to 80 per cent.

If the application is approved, the toll for class one vehicles would go up by $160 from $200 to $360.



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inverter error

My 1500 watt inverter shows OLP when I turn it on but nothing is plugged up to it ----- Response from Vicki: Hello, Jimmy, Thanks for asking a question

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Not the best routing on 710 model

Will take me on tight streets when there are wider truck friendly roads. When i am at an intersection gps says intersection is 100 feet ahead. It took

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Trucker, what procedures or safeguards does your trucking company have in place to help protect you, your rig and your load from cargo theft?

Contributing article:

I-65 detour’s delays near Lafayette costing truckers

Though delays on the northbound I-65 detour near Lafayette are down to about an hour, a long closure could add up to serious money for trucking companies, transportation officials said.

“The cost is going to be huge,” said Barbara Hunt, vice president of the Indiana Motor Truck Association. “It adds hours of service for the trucking companies and causes delays for the shippers and receivers.”

The association is surveying transport companies to get an estimate of the cost. It also has been keeping the national organization, the American Trucking Associations, updated on the highway shutdown.



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Cargo theft numbers up in second quarter, CargoNet says

CargoNet reported this week that more than $19.5 million in truck freight was stolen in the second quarter — an $8 million increase from the same period last year.


California had the most number of thefts with 36, followed by Texas with 35 and Florida with 27.

Twenty-nine percent of cargo thefts occurred at truck stops and parking lots. Nine percent were classified as fictitious or fraudulent cargo pickups, and 2 percent were violent, either hijackings or armed robberies.



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Did this trucker get charged with DWI while driving his personal car? If so, how will that affect his trucking career?

Contributing article:

How much will the distraction caused by this trucker's canine companion end up costing him? Was the wreck just the start?

Contributing article:

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