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What does "follow your tandems" mean in regards to alley docking?

What does follow your tandems mean in regards to alley docking? ----- Response from Vicki: Hello, Lorraine, Thanks for asking a question about following

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RoadPro Lunchbox

I have been using these things for 16 or so years now and have probably owned 4 or 5 in that time. There are two main problems with the RoadPro. the

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A Hot Truck: On Summer Heat, Truck Heat and Bake Oven Conditions

When summer heat bears down on your truck, your hot truck can become a bake oven. We document just how bad this can get...

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Maintain a Safe Following Distance Behind Other Vehicles, Trucker

An unexpected stop by drivers of vehicles in front of truckers can lead to accidents if you don't maintain a safe following distance. Read our tips...

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Railroad Crossing Accident Prevention for Semi Tractor Trailers

Drivers of semi tractor trailers can prevent being involved in a railroad crossing accident. Here's how...

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Restaurant Review Pilot Georgia Tifton - Pilot Travel Center at Tifton, GA

This is a review of the Steak 'n Shake restaurant at the Pilot Travel Center in Tifton, Georgia. Restaurant Review Pilot Georgia Tifton

Continue reading "Restaurant Review Pilot Georgia Tifton - Pilot Travel Center at Tifton, GA"

Retread Tires for Big Trucks: Cost Savings and Other Tips

Brand new truck tires are expensive. What should you know about retread tires? You can save money but what else is at stake?

Continue reading "Retread Tires for Big Trucks: Cost Savings and Other Tips"

Truck Parking Vacancy Idea to Save Time, Effort and Money

If you could name one thing about truck parking that would save you time, effort and money, what would it be? We have an idea regarding vacancy...

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CMV GPS Low Clearance Report Form; Low Clearance Awareness Day

Vicki Simons will reward the first professional truck driver who can sufficiently document through our CMV GPS Low Clearance Report Form that his/her CMV GPS unit routed his/her truck to a low clearance.

Continue reading "CMV GPS Low Clearance Report Form; Low Clearance Awareness Day"

Items Thrown From Overpasses Smash Windshields and Hurt Truckers

Be alert to the places where items have been thrown from overpasses which result in damaged vehicles and hurt drivers. Help us keep our list up-to-date....

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How will self-driving or autonomous trucks deal with bad winter weather?

Contributing article:

Slippery ethics? No. Just flat out stealing.

Although the man was "uneasy" about "[padding] his income" because "his salary would be lower than what he had agreed to", "he billed clients for products he never purchased and instead pocketed the cash".

He's been sentenced "to a year in federal prison and ordered to pay back $177,000 as part of a fraud scheme."

Crime does not pay.

Contributing article:

"Detention is Killing Us," Say Carriers

... Detention leads to loss of loads

Many carriers reported that they were compensated for only a fraction of their detention time, and their comments made it clear that those fees were not sufficient. Carriers often miss out on their next load when trucks are detained. One owner-operator reported losing two loads, with combined revenue of $1,900, because his truck was detained at a receiver’s dock.



Continue reading ""Detention is Killing Us," Say Carriers"

Common Banking Fees and How to Avoid Them

One of the most frustrating aspects of modern banking is the number of fees you see at every turn. In many cases, it can feel as though the bank is charging you to access your own money. For those individuals who don’t keep a close eye on their accounts, fees may seem like an unfortunate part of life—and banks certainly do seem to penalize the perennially busy or distracted customers with fees.

However, there is no reason why you should be handing over your hard-earned money to the bank each month. If you are consistently being dinged by banking fees, here are the most common ones you’ll come up against, and how you can avoid them:



Continue reading "Common Banking Fees and How to Avoid Them"

The more unpaid hours you work, the less valued you are

... History has taught us that piece work wages are dangerous and create economic hardship for many of those who are paid in this manner.

Most truck Drivers are paid piece work wages. As an OO, just as any other contractor, pieces produced are only part of the equation as I must consider the time frame in which production must take place.



Continue reading "The more unpaid hours you work, the less valued you are"

How is working for you, trucker?

Send a Service Review here.

Contributing article:

Did the news that another autonomous truck ran on roads in the USA bother you? If so, in what way(s)?

Comment on our Truck Operations page.

Contributing article:


Service was great! Saved me Thousands!

Note: This review is about Truckers Voice in Court. ----- Stressing about my tickets and these guys took over and handled it all. Got them both dismissed.

Continue reading "Service was great! Saved me Thousands!"

Governed by the Clock- Paid by the Clock

Trucker Wages- A misleading fact is that since company truckers are only paid when producing pieces, Employee Drivers are led to believe that they are only At Work when they are producing pieces.Wrong, their time is governed the entire time, they are NOT on Personal Time!

They are AT Work/Working the entire time-Not on Personal Time and they have agreed to be paid piece work wages that cover All Time spent “AT Work/Working.”



Continue reading "Governed by the Clock- Paid by the Clock"

Good idea cord gets very hot.

The following review is about the RoadPro Portable Stove. ----- Convenient size and handy to reheat food. Would not purchase again. Unit must be closely

Continue reading "Good idea cord gets very hot."

How to Maximize Truck Resale Values

For fleets that run their medium-duties until the “wheels fall off,” resale may not be the highest priority at the time of vehicle purchase. But, for those that intend to replace their trucks every five to seven years or sooner, how a truck is spec’ed has a direct bearing on its future resale, which, if done correctly, will reduce its total lifecycle costs.



Continue reading "How to Maximize Truck Resale Values"

Trucker Accused of Keeping Women as Sex Slaves Gets 20 Years

A Utah trucker who pleaded guilty to keeping women as sex slaves in his semi-trailer as he drove across the country was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison.

Timothy Jay Vafeades, 56, sexually assaulted and brutally beat the victims almost daily after trapping them in his truck and forcibly grinding down their teeth, federal prosecutors said.


He abused six women in similar ways over two decades ...


Vafeades pleaded guilty in June to two counts of transporting for illegal sexual activity. ...



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Safety Tip: Assembling a Winter Emergency Kit

... Fall and winter storms in many regions can result in unexpected road closures, potentially stranding motorists for hours in frigid temperatures. What’s more, slippery road conditions increase the likelihood of a vehicle-disabling crash.

AAA, the Red Cross, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and the Colorado State Patrol collaborated to assemble a list of what drivers might include in such a kit:



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Love’s surpasses 400 locations, offering drivers prizes to celebrate

... To celebrate surpassing the 400-store mark, Love’s is giving drivers a chance to win My Love Rewards points, Michelin steer tires and Love’s gift cards. The company will award 100 My Love Rewards members with $400 worth of points, and members who swipe their rewards cards will be entered into a drawing to win one of four sets of Michelin steer tires. The giveaways run through Dec. 10.


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Did you know that according to TRIP, driving on roads in need of repairs results in hundreds of dollars in 'additional vehicle operating costs' annually?

Contributing article:

How much money have you saved on tolls with Bestpass, truckers?

Please share your numbers through our Truck Operations page.

Contributing article:

Use These Trucking Technologies to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel costs coupled with truck maintenance expenses account for about 50 percent of an over-the-road trucker’s operating costs, according to Fortunately, truckers and fleet managers can use new technologies to help them increase truck fuel efficiency, including automating their operation, taking advantage of GPS, utilizing Big Data, and working with other drivers through such driving techniques as platooning.


Automating the delivery process by using the latest routing software can help increase fuel savings. ...



Continue reading "Use These Trucking Technologies to Increase Fuel Efficiency"

4 Ways to Save Money on Tires

Tire failures represent 25% of all breakdowns for over-the-road trucking. That leads to messed-up delivery schedules and the loss of driving hours, plus the safety concern for the driver stranded on the side of the interstate.

The largest issues related to tire failures are missing tread and/or low tread depth. In addition to checking your tires’ tread depth at least weekly, it’s also important to ensure that all the tires on your truck are wearing at the same rate.



Continue reading "4 Ways to Save Money on Tires"

Does the research report by Frost & Sullivan -- which indicates that by the year 2025, 'level 3 autonomous trucks' are expected to be introduced -- have you concerned about your job and income as a trucker?

Comment on our Budgeting page.

Contributing article:

How Identity Theft Can Affect Your Taxes

Tax-related identity theft normally occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund. Many people first find out about it when they do their taxes.

The IRS is working hard to stop identity theft with a strategy of prevention, detection and victim assistance. Here are nine key points:



Continue reading "How Identity Theft Can Affect Your Taxes"

Driver Detention: How Do We Fix It?

If you feel like you’re wasting too many hours at the docks, you’re not alone. DAT surveyed 257 carriers and owner-operators, and 63% of them told us that the average amount of time they spend waiting for a shipper to get them loaded or unloaded is more than 3 hours. The vast majority of the carriers surveyed said that detention is one of the 5 biggest problems their companies face.

Like the old saying goes, if the wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t earning. So, what can the industry do to fix the problem?



Continue reading "Driver Detention: How Do We Fix It?"

Right tires could mean happier drivers?


But in addition to safety, tires also are a key factor in trucks' fuel economy, Cain noted, and that also means lower or higher emissions. "Vehicle fuel economy is greatly impacted by the level of rolling resistance of the tire," he said. "The vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions are directly tied to tire performance."

Effects on drivers

So now the discussion has made the transition to happier drivers. When tires are more reliable and don't leave drivers waiting on the side of the road for a tow, or more fuel-efficient trucks mean more range and less frequent stops to tank up, drivers will be earning more and frustrated less.



Continue reading "Right tires could mean happier drivers?"

Top 10 Reasons Truck Accidents Happen: Know Them to Prevent Them

Although improper driving causes many accidents that happen today, the underlying reasons are often preventable. Last year alone, there were over 500,000 large truck and commercial vehicle accidents. Commercial drivers who are well trained and supported will better understand how to prevent accidents from occurring.

If you look at the top 10 reasons accidents happen, you’ll see that all of them are preventable with proper driver training, adherence to safety programs, and preventative vehicle maintenance.



Continue reading "Top 10 Reasons Truck Accidents Happen: Know Them to Prevent Them"

After the dip in diesel prices and then prices being flat for a week, what do you think will happen to fuel prices after the election?

Comment on our Truck Operations page.

Contributing articles:

Five Budget Killers You Can Avoid

A budget is an essential step towards financial responsibility and stability but certain thing can seriously derail your plans if left unchecked. Here are five budget killers that you should avoid:


Nothing puts a strain on your finances in the same way as an addiction. In most cases, when someone takes a financial misstep it is because they weren’t paying attention or they didn’t know what they were doing. With an addiction you can know you are hurting your body and your budget and still struggle.



Continue reading "Five Budget Killers You Can Avoid"

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