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Going backward?

by Vicki Simons

From where I am now, am I going forward or going backward?

From where I am now, am I going forward or going backward?

During my morning reading, I found the phrase, "You keep going backward" in Jeremiah 15:6. Of course, this is commentary on spiritual matters, but it has application to other areas of life as well.

I found it interesting that God's Word identifies not only motion but direction. There are numerous verses where words like "backward", "forward", "stand firm" and "rise up" are used. There are different times and seasons when certain actions are required.

Professional truck drivers who are looking to save money need to determine exactly where they stand and what direction they would like to go. Questions that would be good to answer are:

1. Do I have a budget?

2. How am I spending my money?

3. How much debt do I have?

4. Am I working to become debt-free?

5. What goals can I set to help me get where I would like to be?

It's a good idea from time to time to ask if you're going backward or going forward in reaching your goals.

October 9, 2013

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